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Trivalent Passivate Produces Deep Black Finish
Haviland Products – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 713
New Product Announcements Published: 5/21/2014
Trivalent Passivate for Zinc, Zinc-Nickel Deposits
Asterion – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 422
New Product Announcements Published: 4/16/2014
Birchwood Low-VOC Liquid Offers Increased Rust Protection
Rated for 96-120 hrs salt-spray and 600+ hrs humidity protection, Dri Touch Amber Low-VOC from Birchwood Technologies offers more than double the rust protection of other water-based products, the company says.
New Product Announcements Published: 12/16/2013
MacDermid Solutions Protect Against Microorganism Growth During Plating
MacDermid offers three products that protect against the formation and growth of microorganisms during plating applications without using harmful phenol compounds.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/16/2013
MacDermid UV-Curing System Offers Expanded Metallic Coating Colors
MacDermid’s Electrolac UV coating system has enabled the company to expand its Fashion Finishes line to include colored metallic coatings that can be used on heat-sensitive substrates such as plastics, zinc die cast and aluminum.
New Product Announcements Published: 12/20/2012
Technic Post-Treatment Protects Gold-Plated Electronic Connectors
Technic Inc.’s Auroguard NP-12 is a non-aqueous post-treatment designed to improve the wear-resistance and functionality of gold electroplated connectors.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/19/2012
Hardwood Line Rinse Tank System
Hardwood Line says its fourth-generation, PLC-controlled Rinsemaster rinse system with receiving tank, which it will display at SUR/FIN, requires less water than traditional counterflow rinse tank systems, and parts leave the system with a fresh wat...
New Product Announcements Published: 5/15/2012
Trivalent and No-Chromium Chemicals
Metalast International will be showcasing its trivalent and no-chromium family of products, including Metalast TCP-HF, Metalast TCP-NP and Metalast OCP.
New Product Announcements Published: 5/6/2011

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