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PUBLISHED: 4/1/2016

Grieve's No. 946 Cures Coatings on Titanium Screens

The oven is designed for curing coatings on titanium screens.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Grieve's Truck Oven Cures Hanging Parts

This oven has 4" insulated walls, an aluminized steel exterior and a Type 304 2B finish stainless steel interior.

PUBLISHED: 2/19/2016

Grieve’s Universal Oven Heat Treats Fuel Nozzles

This universal oven measures 24" wide × 36" deep × 24" high with 24-kW power installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements.

PUBLISHED: 2/17/2016

Wisconsin Oven’s Batch Oven Bakes Out Transformers

This walk-in batch oven is fully factory-tested and adjusted prior to shipment.

PUBLISHED: 1/19/2016

Wisconsin Oven’s Walk-In Batch Oven Cures Automotive Parts

This oven is designed with a capacity to heat 1,500 lbs of steel from 70°F to 450°F within 45 minutes.

PUBLISHED: 1/14/2016

Grieve’s 500°F Conveyor Oven Cures Coatings

The full heat processing system consists of a 2-ft. long open belt loading zone, 8-ft. long insulated heat zone with recirculated airflow and 2 ½-ft. long open belt unloading zone.

PUBLISHED: 11/10/2015

Grieve’s No. 975 Removes Deposits

No. 975 controls include a digital indicating temperature controller and manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Wisconsin Oven’s EWN Series Cures Powder Coatings

The EWN batch oven line features heavy duty construction, combination airflow, modulating control on gas fired ovens and SSR power control on electrically heated ovens.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Catalytic Industrial’s Cure Ovens Prevent Powder Loss

The infrared prevents powder loss, setting the finish before it can be disturbed by air turbulence during convection.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Rhodes Systems International’s Conveyors Reduce Curing Process

The conveyors also offer synchronous and non-synchronous conveyance in work stations which allow maximum takt time flexibility.

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