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PUBLISHED: 2/25/2015

Instrument Measures Reflective Appearance on Curved Surfaces, Small Parts

The Rhopoint IQ Flex 20 from Paul N. Gardner Co. is a reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance, including gloss, haze, distinctiveness of image (DOI) and goniophotometer curves.

PUBLISHED: 9/12/2014

Floating Insulation Saves Tank Heat

Caparo hexagonal floats are used in pickling, chlorinating, anodizing, plating and hot water rinsing processes.

PUBLISHED: 7/3/2014

No-Growth Anodizing?

Florida finisher says it has the key to limited-growth aluminum anodizing.

PUBLISHED: 6/27/2014

Wireless Access Point Provides Wi-Fi Access to Inaccessible Areas

DeFelsko Corp. announces the addition of a wireless access point feature to the PosiTector Advanced body.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2014

ASF Anodizing Instruments Enable Process Control

Anodize USA – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 146

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2013

Paul N. Gardner Vision System for Part Inspection

Offering both live-graphical-part and live-image views, and available in two measuring ranges, the Magellan Vision System from Paul N. Gardner Co. features multi-point video edge detection for fast and accurate non-contact measurement of parts.

PUBLISHED: 9/27/2013

Albion Devices Gaging Systems Measure Without Contact

Non-contact, ultrasonic gaging and positioning systems from Albion Devices Inc. use air-coupled, pulse-echo acoustic technology to measure thickness, distance, position, perpendicularity, shape and orientation.

PUBLISHED: 6/24/2013

DeFelsko Desktop Software Imports Measurement Data

DeFelsko’s free PosiSoft 3.0 desktop software offers intuitive importation of readings for downloading, viewing, printing and storing measurement data on PCs and Macintosh computers.

PUBLISHED: 1/30/2013

Atlas Material Testing Systems Evaluate Fluorescent UV, Xenon Exposure

Atlas Material Testing Technology’s Atlas UVTest is designed to test a variety of materials for their reaction to fluorescent ultraviolet exposure, temperature and moisture.

PUBLISHED: 1/24/2013

Paul N. Gardner Coating Thickness Gage Can Handle Harsh Conditions

Paul N. Gardner’s CM153 coating thickness gage is small, but is designed to be versatile and rugged for single-handed use in harsh conditions.

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