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Oxford Instruments XRF Analyzer Boosts Process Control, Cost Efficiency
Oxford Instruments’ X-Strata920 x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer combines a large-area proportional detector and the company’s micro-focus x-ray tube to provide a high-intensity, small-spot x-ray beam to measure coating thickness and analyze materi...
New Product Announcements Published: 1/23/2013
Elcometer Gage Measures Coating Adhesion
Elcometer’s 506 adhesion tester is designed to measure the pull-off adhesion of coatings up to 50 MPa (7,250 psi), either on site or in a laboratory.
New Product Announcements Published: 1/22/2013
Fischer Technology Portable Coating Thickness Gages Offer Flexibility
Fischer Technology says its Dualscope FMP100 and FMP150 coating thickness measurement gages combine the flexibility and capabilities of PC-based lab instruments with the manageability of compact, portable units.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/17/2012
ElektroPhysik Thickness Measurement Gage Has Digital Sensor for Improved Accuracy
The MiniTest 7400 thickness measurement gage from ElektroPhysik features SIDSP digital sensor technology for improved accuracy and repeatability.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/12/2012
DeFelsko Probes Interchangeable on Gage Body
DeFelsko’s PosiTector gage body is designed to quickly and easily convert from a coating thickness gage to a surface profile gage, dew point meter or ultrasonic wall thickness gage with a simple probe change.
New Product Announcements Published: 9/17/2012
Software Upgrade Enhances Gage Use
The latest upgrade to Elcometer’s 456 coating thickness gage includes a live reading trend graph that enables users to view the last 20 measurement values as they take readings.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/26/2012
Measuring Software Expands Device Functionality
Fischer’s DataCenter software includes data interface designed to expand the functionality of the company’s handheld measuring instruments.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/5/2012
Inspection Kit Includes 3 Probes for Multiple Functions
Available with either standard or advanced features, DeFelsko’s PosiTector inspection kit includes a PositTector gage body and the company’s 6000, DPM and SPG probes, enabling the device to easily convert from a coating thickness gage to...
New Product Announcements Published: 4/3/2012
Holiday Gage Detects High-Voltage Porosity
Elcometer’s 280 pulsed DC holiday detector is designed to detect holidays in coatings without the need to be grounded to the substrate, making it suited for pipeline and large-surface porosity inspection.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/2/2012
Service Offers Remote Equipment Monitoring
MyMotoman from Motoman Robotics enables users to monitor robot equipment by sending alerts, current production information and preventive trends on a mobile phone, laptop, desktop or any device that has access to the Internet.The service does not re...
New Product Announcements Published: 9/29/2011

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