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2095 Exeter Rd. Ste. 80-324
Memphis, TN 38138 US

Phone: 901-755-9613
Toll-Free: 800-431-8258
Fax: 901-758-0816

A Special Message from All Star Products

Serving OEMs with Blowers, Pumps and Compressors for 15 years

Regenerative Motors and Vacuum Pumps

pressure to 11.5 psig

vacuum to 19" Hg

flow to 900 scfm


flow to 1700 cfm

pressure to 16" H2O

Rotary vane pumps and compressors

pressure to 22 psig

vacuum to 29.5" Hg

flow to 90 scfm

Company Profile

For the past 15 years, All-Star has been providing OEMs with products that meet todays’ requirements and specifications. Today, All-Star blowers, vacuum pumps and compressors are found in environmental applications that help to monitor the air we breath, clean waste water, remove toxic gas from landfills to toxic radon found in homes and buildings; in municipal and industrial applications from robotic pick-n-place to cleaning printed circuit boards; in the food industry that conveys and blend ingredients, providing air for ovens for baking, to pick-n-place finished products in shipping cartons, to clean and drying fresh fruit before delivery to local markets; in the medical industry from dental suction pumps to hospital and health care needs. All-Star provides the air supply to convey deposits at a local bank drive-in teller window to conveying money at box stores such as Walmart and others. Our OEM’s customer list includes recognizable companies today, such as Coca-Cola Gatorade, Disney Cruise Ship Line, 3D Systems, Alter_G medical treadmill and thousands of other Users. All-Star is prepared to help OEMs meet the most demanding applications with a cost-effective and high performance solution. Give us a call to see what other OEMs have discovered about our quality product solutions.

Product Categories of All Star Products

  • Air Blow-Off Devices, Air Knives
  • Blowers, air (for push-pull ventilation)
  • Compressors, air
  • Pumps for Chemical Service

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