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The KU-3 offers continuous sensing and display in Krebs units, grams (weight) or centipoise.

KU-3 Krebs Unit Viscometer Offers Consistent Viscosity Measurement
Ametek Brookfield introduces the new KU-3 krebs unit viscometer used in the paints and coatings industry to measure viscosity in accordance with ASTM D562.

Brookfield, Rheometer

Automatic Gap Feature Uses Barcodes
Brookfield’s Automatic Gap Setting feature for the RST-CPS Touch Cone/Plate rheometer uses a barcode on the spindle shaft to identify the spindle’s cone diameter, angle and truncation value.

RheocalcT Test Wizard

Software Update Speeds Test Setup
The software is designed to reduce the time and effort to set up popular tests.

RheocalcT software, Brookfield

Software Update Speeds Test Setup
RheocalcT Test Wizard is designed to create a Thix Index test or a curing test to automatically reduce speed at preset torque values.

Circulating Water Baths Offer Temperature Control
Configured for use with the company’s viscometers and rheometers, Brookfield Engineering’s TC series circulating water baths are designed to provide precision temperature control for viscosity measurement.

Software Enables Powder Flow Comparisons
The latest version of the automated software used to control Brookfield Engineering’s PFT powder flow tester includes a feature that enables the operator to combine, display and compare data from both standard and small shear cell tests in a single graph.

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