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  • XRF Analyzer Optimizes Finishing Productivity

    Oxford Instruments – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 320

  • Oxford Instruments Acquires RMG Technology Ltd.

    RMG’s laser induced breakdown spectroscopy system will add to Oxford's existing techniques of x-ray fluorescence and optical emission spectroscopy.

  • Oxford Instruments Portable Metal Analyzer Can Measure Hard-to-Reach Areas

    Despite its light, 33-lb (15-kg) weight and compact dimensions, Oxford Instruments’ portable PMI-Master Smart arc/spark metal analyzer is designed to offer full-range optical emission spectrometry, particularly on hard-to-reach places.

  • Oxford XRFs Offer Accurate Coating Thickness Measurement

    Eastern Applied Research offers Oxford Instruments’ X-Strata 920 and 980 x-ray fluorescence analyzers for coating thickness measurement and material analysis.

  • Oxford Instruments Presents Free Webinars

    Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is offering free professional webinars geared toward methods and techniques for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis.

  • Oxford Instruments Mobile Spectrometer Measures Metals

    Oxford Instruments has introduced the PMI-Master Compact mobile spectrometer, a smaller, less expensive version of its PMI-Master Pro metal analyzer.

  • Integrated Camera for XRF Analyzer

    Oxford Instruments will highlight the new integrated camera on its X-MET7000 that enables users to accurately position the portable analyzer on samples, store images for future reference and include them in the analysis reports.

  • Benchtop Coating Thickness Gage

    Eastern Applied Research will demonstrate the Oxford Instruments CMI 730 benchtop coating thickness gage, which is suited for a range of applications, including metal, paint and powder coating thicknesses over a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

  • Oxford Instruments XRF Analyzer Produces Fast Results

    Oxford Instruments’s X-MET7000 eXpress handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzer is designed to quickly deliver accurate analysis, lower limits of detection and improved precision when measuring trace elements.

  • Oxford Instruments XRF Analyzer Boosts Process Control, Cost Efficiency

    Oxford Instruments’ X-Strata920 x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer combines a large-area proportional detector and the company’s micro-focus x-ray tube to provide a high-intensity, small-spot x-ray beam to measure coating thickness and analyze materials.

  • Oxford Instruments X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

    Oxford Instruments will demonstrate its X-Strata920 x-ray fluorescence analyzer, which is suited for a variety of industries, including electronics, metal finishing, and alloys and precious metals assaying.

  • Handheld XRF Analyzes Light Elements

    The X-MET7500 handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer from Oxford Instruments is designed to analyze a variety of materials, including trace and light elements (from magnesium), without the need for helium purge or a vacuum pump.

  • Handheld XRF Device Offers Materials Analysis, Screening

    Oxford Instruments’ handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, the X MET7000, provides materials analysis, verification and screening for a variety of industrial markets, including positive material identification, metal recycling, scrap sorting, precious metals analysis, mining and heavy metal screening.

  • XRF Analyzer

    The new X-Strata980 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument combines a high-power X-ray tube and high-resolution detector to measure small areas of complex samples and provide detection limits in single-digit parts per million (ppm). The instrument can analyze and characterize multi-layer coatings and SAC alloys, and provide coating thickness measurement of gold and palladium on electronics, metal alloy chemistry identification and coating thickness measurement on jewelry.

  • Oxford Instruments

    Oxford Instruments has released its new X-Strata980 x-ray fluorescence analyzer, which combines a high-power x-ray tube and large LN2 free detector to measure small areas of complex samples and deliver limits of detection in single digit ppms.

  • Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement

    Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement (OICM) will be introducing the Model 150 gage, for the measurement of non-conductive coatings (i.e.

  • Coating Thickness Measurement Gages

    The 200 Series of coating thickness measurement gages feature a unique scanning option that allows the user to continuously measure over large areas with one swift measurement.

  • Hand-held Gage for Non-Conductive Coatings

    The CMI140 is designed for measuring non-conductive coatings such as anodize, paint, enamel, powder coating or epoxy on a non-ferrous substrate such as copper, brass or aluminum.

  • Testing Thickness Gage

    The CMI 100 Series of gages is said to have provided the industrial coating industry with accuracy, convenient gage size and practicality.

  • X-Ray Fluorescent Technology

    X-ray Fluorescence Brochure featurs the CMI900 Series system, which is said to o0ffer Instant Assay, a fast, accurate, and non-destructive technique to assay gold jewelry, gold karat scrap, precious metals and plated jewelry.

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