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We are distributors, producers and designers of quality physical testing and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings and related industries.

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The Pundit 250 Array ultrasonic imaging scanner available from Gardco.

Tomography Instrument Designed to Enhance Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Testing
The Pundit 250 Array, available from Gardco, is an ultrasonic imaging scanner that is designed to enhance ultrasonic pulse echo testing.

The EcoTestr pocket tester, available from Gardco

Pocket Tester Measures Water Quality
EcoTestr pocket testers, available from Gardco, feature updates designed to quickly and easily measure water quality.

The DD-5 digital durometer

Digital Durometer Measures Surface Gloss
The Model DD-5 digital durometer from Paul N. Gardner Co. is designed for timed hardness testing of surface gloss that cannot be measured using traditional gloss meters.

PM-5 Air Mixer, available from Gardco.

Air Mixer Features Five-Gallon Pail and Dispensing Valve
Paul N. Gardner Co.’s PM-5 air mixer features a lid-mounted motor and locking ring to securely hold the lid in place. The handle and side-mounted ¾” dispensing valve are designed to simplify mobility and material transfer.

Pistol-grip infrared (IR) thermometers, available from Gardco

Infrared Thermometers Measure without Surface Contact
Pistol-grip infrared thermometers from Paul N. Gardner Co. feature noncontact meters that measure the surface temperature of objects without physically touching the objects, enabling users to safely and easily locate hot and cold spots.

The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 gloss-meter, available from Gardco.

Meter Specially Designed for Low Gloss Surfaces
Designed specifically for measuring low-gloss surfaces, the Novo-Gloss Flex 60 gloss meter from Paul N. Gardner Co. combines the functionality and reporting of an advanced gloss meter with an ultra-lightweight remote measuring head.

PosiTest LPD instrument available from Gardco

PosiTest LPD Detects Holidays, Pinholes and Other Substrate Discontinuities
The PosiTest LPD, available from Gardco, uses multi-function LEDs to detect holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities on metal and concrete substrates.

CurveX 3 Standard Oven Logger Designed for Everyday Use
Gardco introduces the CurveX 3 Standard oven logger that offers high-quality temperature data logging for paint curing ovens.

Cone, Plate Viscometer Measures Non-Newtonian Coatings
Gardco introduces the new cone and plate viscometer specifically designed to ensure consistent quality standards.

Functions include the internal thermistor that accurately records time and temperatures for user-selectable readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Waterproof Temperature Data Logger Features USB Connectivity
The 2C/temp USB multi-use data logger is designed for temperature monitoring with 16k memory and a three-year battery life.

Three Viscomixer models are available, each offering a different measuring range according to the viscosity of the test sample.

Viscomixer Measures Change in Viscosity When Adding Solvent or Thinner
The Paintlab+ Viscomixer, available from Gardco, is used to measure the change in viscosity during the addition of a solvent or thinner.

The Positector SST soluble salt tester.

Positector SST Soluble Salt Tester Measures Concentration of Soluble Salts on Metal Surfaces
Available from Gardco, the Positector SST soluble salt tester measures the concentration of soluble salts on metal surfaces.

All CX-series corrosion coupons include a Certificate of Analysis, come pre-cleaned, and are ready to use.

Gardco Introduces Q-Lab CX-Series Corrosion Test Coupons
Corrosion test coupons ensure repeatability and reproducibility when performing laboratory corrosion testing.

Sigmascope SMP350 electrical conductivity measuring instrument

Measuring the Electrical Conductivity of Nonferrous Metals
Paul N. Gardner Co. introduces the Sigmascope SMP350 electrical conductivity measuring instrument.

Gardco CMI155 and CMI157 thickness gages.

Handheld Thickness Gages Measure Coating Thickness on Variety of Substrates
Gardco introduces the new CMI155 and CMI157 thickness gages that measure the thickness of single layer coatings or the total thickness of applied coatings on iron, steel, aluminum and other metal substrates.

PosiTector SHD shore hardness durometer from Gardco.

PosiTector SHD Hardness Durometer Measures Non-Metallic Materials
The PosiTector SHD shore hardness durometer from Gardco is a handheld electronic instrument that measures the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials.

Gardco Viscometer

Automatic Stormer-Type Viscometer Offers Speed Control
The viscometer automatically starts and stops the motor shaft rotation by lowering or raising the instrument stand.

Gardco Tritan inspection lamp

UV-A Inspection Lamp Features Nominal, Steady-State UV-A Intensity
The UV-A inspection lamp meets ASTM UV-A intensity and wavelength specifications for LPT and MPT and provides a low visible light emission of less than 0.5-ft.-candle (5 lux).

Rotational Viscometer Measures Viscosity, Analyzes Time-Dependent Fluids
Paul N. Gardner Co. introduces its rotational viscometers that measure viscosity by sensing the torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed while immersed in fluid.

Gardco Conveyor Ground Test

Gardco Introduces New Coatings Conveyor Ground Test
Gardco’s new, easy-to-use conveyor ground test has five steps and identifies whether items to be painted are sufficiently grounded.

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