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  • Hosco Wins Automation Alley Award

    Award recognizes one advanced manufacturing or technology company in our region that has successfully launched its products, services or technologies abroad.

  • Hosco Site Identifies Cost of Dirt in Class-A Paint Shops

    Hosco Fittings LLC (Wixom, Mich) has just posted a new, expanded version of its website that addresses the causes and inherant costs of dirt in paint for high-production Class-A paint shops.

  • Hosco Restrictor/Regulator Enables Control of Spray Flow Rates

    Hosco’s HHR-6 restrictor/regulator enables users to consistently and precisely control flow rates from 100 cc/min to 1,000 cc/min with little regard for head pressure or gun level changes.

  • Hose Connectors and Fittings

    Hosco's new Tru-Fit "Low Shear" design connection fittings for paint and coatings systems eliminates the blunt-end shelf found in conventional fittings, reducing the potential for dirt in paint defects. According to the company, the fittings offer up to 50% lower wrenching forces to make a leak-free assembly.

  • Pressure Relief Valve Saves Production Shut Downs and Cost

    Hosco Finishing Systems Components’ new Hosco BPV-150 Mechanical Pressure Relief Valve is said to relieve paint and solvent circulating system pressure in the event of system over-pressurization.

  • Mini Ball Valves

    Hosco’s new HBV series of stainless steel mini ball valves for compact paint delivery applications are designed as an economical alternative to standard ball valves, able to lessen engineering problems for compact installations such as robot arms, enclosures and bulkhead plates.

  • Paint Line Connection Fittings

    Hosco’s new family of stainless steel Tru-Fit low shear paint line connection fittings are designed to enhance finish quality, reduce system pressure loss and improve the ease and ergonomics of installation procedures while furthering overall operational safety.

  • Paint Shop Life Cycle Management

    Proper planning can help make your paint operations productive from cradle to grave

  • Three-Way Ball Valve

    The silicone-free, three-way ball valve, with a 316-stainless steel body and incorporating Teflon® ball seats, allows each of the three ports to be connected to either inlet or outlet lines.

Hosco Fittings LLC

Contact Information

Please visit: Hosco Fittings LLC

Mailing Address:
28026 Oakland Oaks Ct.
Wixom, MI 48393 US

Phone: 248-912-1750
Toll-Free: 877-852-7782
Fax: 248-912-1751

Product Categories of Hosco Fittings LLC

  • Filtration Equipment, paint
  • Flow Meters, liquid
  • Hoses, air or liquid
  • Paint Dispensing Equipment
  • Paint-Circulating Systems
  • Painting Equipment, air-atomize spray
  • Painting Equipment, plural-component spray
  • Passivation Processes
  • Pipe and Fittings, chemical resistant
  • Pumps, paint
  • Valves

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