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KCH Services, Inc.

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Please visit: KCH Services, Inc.

Mailing Address:
144 Industrial Dr.
PO Box 1287
Forest City, NC 28043 US

Phone: 828-245-9836
Fax: 828-245-1437

A Special Message from KCH Services, Inc.

We Clean Industry's Air

The removal of contaminants is accomplished by first slowing the fumes to a velocity below 500 fpm and then passing the fumes through four stages of scrubbing. The fumes pass first through a water spray during which some of the larger contaminant particles drop out and the remaining fumes are saturated. The second stage consists of a 12" deep pack of polypropylene, nonclogging, spherical type mass packing which is kept constantly wet by a continuous spray. The saturated fumes are impinged upon the packing and the contaminants are absorbed and carried away in the wash water. After passing through the scrubbing stages, the air is mist laden and must then pass through the two stage gravity mist eliminator section. This consists of a drop out area that removes all but the finest mist, then, a series of vertically mounted PVC eliminator blades provide four 30 degree changes in direction and efficiently eliminates entrained water. As with all other KCH Products, low maintenance is a major factor in our scrubbers. Low maintenance components are use throughout and the unit is complete with quick opening access doors for easy inspection.

Product Categories of KCH Services, Inc.

  • Anodizing Processes and Equipment, aluminum hardcoat
  • Blowers, air (for push-pull ventilation)
  • Cleaning and Phosphating Equipment
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fans, exhaust
  • Hoists, traveling: manually controlled
  • Lining Services for Tanks and Mass-Finishing Equipment
  • Plating and Anodizing Equipment
  • Pollution Control Equipment, fume scrubbers
  • Pollution Control Systems Engineering, air
  • Tank Covers
  • Tanks, metal
  • Tanks, plastic

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