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Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC

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Keyland Polymer Material Sciences, LLC

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4621 Hinckley Industrial Pkwy.
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Cleveland, OH 44109 US

Phone: 216-741-7915
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A Special Message from Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC

Looking for a coating that can't withstand high temperatures? Look no further!

Company Profile

Keyland Polymer- UV Powder Manufacturing

Company Overview

Keyland Polymer, Ltd. is the only company worldwide whose sole focus is the development — formulation — and manufacturing of UV-curable powder coatings. 

UV-cured powder coating is an excellent finish for:

  • Wood

  • Plastic

  • Metal- Ferrous and Non-ferrous

  • Composites

  • Pre-Assembled Components

The Brand-UVMax ®

UVMax® is available in a full range of colors and textures with custom color matching options and can formulate small test batches or several thousand pounds and can ship anywhere in the world.

We can match to any Pantone, RAL, Paint, Laminate, or other supplied sample.


Cost Effective & Efficient

A Us step.V-cure powder coating system is efficient and versatile; faster project setup, less time waiting for finished parts and faster change over — an ideal finishing system for any volume of parts.  The fast process time allows for a higher quantity of finished parts in a given time frame when compared to many other finishing systems. UV powder coating systems finish all parts in one process.

Environmentally Friendly

UV powder is solvent free, non-toxic and contains zero VOCs or HAPs.  UV Powder coatings can also be reclaimed up to 98%, and a UV powder system can require a tenth of the space of a liquid finishing system- meaning lower energy costs.  A UV system can also finish a greater capacity of parts per shift, allowing for a shorter process time with less energy usage.

Great for Heat Sensitive Substrates

The fast process time of a UV powder coating system significantly reduces thermal exposure.  This gives us the ability to coat a wide range of heat sensitive substrates including wood, plastics, composites, pre-assembled parts, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and other materials.


Benefits of minimal thermal exposure include:

  • Maintain substrate integrity
  • Minimize substrate outgassing
  • Exceptionally high finish quality performance
  • Low energy costs


Contact us today to learn more about UV powder and if you are interested in setting up your own UV powder system.

Product Categories of Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC

  • Coatings, radiation-curable
  • Powder Coatings

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