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  • Kolene Fluidized Bed Cleaning Equipment

    For finishers who prefer batch cleaning of their hooks and racks, Kolene now offers fluidized bed cleaning equipment.

  • Kolene’s Pyrolysis Ovens Enable Easy Access to Parts

    Kolene’s Santana pyrolysis systems work similarly to the Diablo, but are used for larger parts.

  • Kolene Fluidized Beds Strip Paint and Degrease

    This process is designed to minimize part distortion caused by overheating.

  • Kolene Corp.’s Kontinuous Paint Stripping Systems Improve Part Grounding

    According to the company, these stripping systems are designed for greater quality and cost savings.

  • Rack Stripping Systems Remove Cured Coating Buildup

    Kolene offers its Kontinuous rack stripping systems in-line or on-line for efficiency, quality and cost savings.

  • Kolene Celebrates 75 Years

    Kolene Corp., founded in downtown Detroit in 1939 by John Shoemaker, celebrates its 75th anniversary in March 2014.

  • Kolene Celebrates 75 Years

    Kolene Corporation was founded in downtown Detroit in 1939 by John Shoemaker, and celebrates its 75th anniversary in March 2014.

  • Kolene Rack Paint Stripping System

    The Kontinuous paint stripping system from Kolene Corp. is designed to deliver 100 percent stripped racks every pass, at normal line speeds.

  • Gas And Oil Platers Are Striking Black Gold in Texas

    Houston Plating & Coatings and CEO Bill Howard are reaping the boom in oil and gas industry by running at capacity in its Houston plant, expanding capacity at its Humble plant by 50 percent, and building a new, 80,000-sq-ft plant in Louisiana that will cost $9 million and employ 120 workers when completed later this year.

  • Rack Paint Stripping

    Kolene’s Kontinuous inline/online paint stripping systems are designed to remove cured coating buildups.

  • Stripping Process for Reclamation of High-value Painted Parts

    Recover is a sustainable paint stripping process designed to provide consistent etch-free performance even with the most delicate components.

  • Atotech to Distribute Kolene Coating Removers

    Atotech (Rock Hill, SC) will assume worldwide sales and distribution responsibilities for Kolene Corp.'s Recover product line.

  • Extreme Cleaning

    Military components pose unique cleaning, stripping challenges

  • Kolene Corp.

    Kolene will present its in-line, on-line stripping systems designed to provide liquid and powder coating lines with optimum rack cleanliness.

  • Molten-Salt Bath Process

    In dozens of installations worldwide, the Nu-Tride molten salt bath process (ferritic nitrocarburizing) is enhancing the engineering properties and mechanical performance of ferrous metal components.

  • Kolene Corporation

    Kolene Corporation will feature the Kontinuous In-Line Paint Stripping System, which is designed to remove 100% of any organic finish, including polyesters, epoxies, hybrids and fluorinated polymers, in a single pass, regardless of coating buildup in a matter of seconds.

  • New Process Doubles Productivity for Auto Supplier

    Automotive OEM’s are continually looking to their suppliers for new and innovative ways to reduce costs on parts and components without sacrificing quality. The call for cost reductions, improvements and measurable contributions to the bottom line is a way of life in the manufacturing world.

  • Stripping and Cleaning Technology

    Brochure features the RECOVER, a pourable, pumpable liquid.

  • Stripping & Cleaning Technology

    Brochure features the Recover® processes, which are organic fluids which operate from about 250°F - 350°F and can be used on ferrous alloys (including galvanized steels), pot metals, aluminum, and select non-metallic substrates.

  • Low-Temperature Cleaning Process

    CD-ROM features the Recover® processes, which operate from ambient temperature to about 300°F and are said to offer superior cleaning and removal characteristinc on a range of surfaces and coatings.

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Kolene Corporation is a recognized leader in providing surface cleaning and treatment technologies for components and materials. We believe that the best way to serve our customers is through a totally integrated approach to problem solving.:

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