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Lechler Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzles with Solenoid
Lechler’s AirMist Series 166 pneumatic atomizing nozzles feature a solenoid coil that electronically operates a needle valve to open the nozzle’s liquid passage and then close it down to shut off flow.

Nozzles Handle Compressed Air
Lechler’s Whisperblast air nozzles are designed to handle a variety of industrial usages for compressed air, such as drying off parts, blowing dirt or dust off of parts or equipment, or blowing off rejected items from a conveyor.

Free-Spinning Nozzle Cleans Large Tanks
Lechler’s Gyro free-spinning tank cleaning nozzle is designed to clean medium- to large-size tanks ranging from 10 to 20 ft in diameter.

Spray Headers, Tank-Cleaning Lances Can Be Customized
Lechler’s spray headers and tank-cleaning lances are custom-built to accompany the company’s spray nozzles.


Intelligent Nozzle System for Surface Treatment
The MemOSpray from Lechler is an intelligent nozzle system for surface treatment designed to replace clamp-on nozzle assemblies with the added advantage of maintaining a pre-set spray direction.With other ball joint clamp-on systems, the spray direction has to be reset after each disassembly of the ball joint, the company says.

Flat Fan Spray Nozzles
Lechler, Inc. offers a full line of flat fan spray nozzles designed specifically for cleaning applications.

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