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  • Cost-Effective Cleaning with Vapor Degreasing

    With modern equipment and solvents, vapor degreasing is a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally acceptable cleaning method.

  • MicroCare Highlights Innovative Chemistries, End-user Case Studies at PMTS 2015

    MicroCare will present its latest vapor degreasing fluids along with a timely presentation on practical application at the 2015 Precision Machining Technology Show.

  • PCB Cleaner Removes No-clean Fluxes, Pastes

    MicroCare Corp. offers its VOC-free flux remover, UltraClean, which is designed to meet the need for high-performance PCB (printed circuit board) cleaners.

  • A Conversation with … Mike Jones, MicroCare Corp.

    Mike Jones is vice president at MicroCare Corp., a leading global manufacturer of precision cleaning, coating and lubrication products based in New Britain, Connecticut.

  • MicroCare Hires Sales Manager for Mexican Markets

    Agustin Mireles will oversee the company's support of maquiladoras (plants that import and assemble duty-free components for export), which are said to have been growing in the past few years.

  • What to Do After HCFC-225 Phase Out?

    The phase-out of the last major ozone-depleting solvent HCFC-225 has begun, which is good for the planet, but tough for companies with complex cleaning requirements.

  • MicroCare VOC-Free Flux Remover

    UltraClean from MicroCare Corp. is a VOC-free cleaner formulated to clean rosin, organic acid, synthetic and “no-clean” fluxes, as well as hard-to-clean solder pastes used in the assembly and manufacture of printed circuit boards.

  • MicroCare Medical Dry Lubricant Gets ISO 10993 Certification

    MicroCare Medical’s Duraglide dry lubricant coatings have been certified by ISO 10993 for medical devices intended for topical use in clinical indications where the surface or lining may have been breached in order to evaluate local tissue responses.

  • Stacking Up Against Tight Medical Tolerances

    The benefits of using dry lubricant coatings in medical mechanical assemblies

  • PCX PREVIEW: Precision Cleaning

    In the finishing world, there are four common precision cleaning processes: hydrocarbon, aqueous, semi-aqueous, and vapor degreasing. Each has its strengths and disadvantages, but one of the biggest problems with aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning is the quantity of electricity they take.

  • MicroCare Corp.

    MicroCare Medical will debut its new SpecClean precision cleaner and silicone carrier fluid.

  • Low GWP Degrease

    DuPont Corp. has introduced a new solvent optimized for degreasing metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic surfaces.

  • MicroCare

    DuPont will introduce a new solvent optimized for degreasing metal, glass, plastic and ceramic surfaces.

  • Rethink Your Cleaning Process

    Modern vapor degreasing systems are environmentally friendly, save energy

  • Gilbert & Jones Co. Inc./Micro Care Corp.

    MicroCare will feature Bromothane solvents, designed to be ideal for precision cleaning, degreasing and surface finishing.

MicroCare Corp.

Contact Information

Please visit: MicroCare Corp.

Mailing Address:
595 John Downey Dr.
New Britain, CT 06051 US

Phone: 860-827-0626
Toll-Free: 800-638-0125
Fax: 860-585-7378

A Special Message from MicroCare Corp.

Precision Cleaning, to the Newest Quality Standards

MicroCare products are manufactured to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard

MicroCare products are manufactured to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard

On April 15, 2009 MicroCare was registered to the new ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. This indicates MicroCare is in compliance with the latest, internationally-accepted quality standards. The new standards only were published in November 2008, so MicroCare is one of the first companies to be registered. This rapid certification proves that that MicroCare maintains a state-of-the-art quality system. MicroCare features the Bromothane(tm) and Vertrel(r) specialty fluids for nonflammable precision cleaning in the electronics, medical device, telecommunications and aerospace industries. Rel. 4-16-2009

For Reliability and Quality, Bromothane Is the Only Brand of nPB Actually Made in North America

For Reliability and Quality, Bromothane Is the Only Brand of nPB Actually Made in North America

Bromothane nPB solvents are great for even the most demanding applications. Because we've got over 100 years of cleaning experience and these solvents come from the only domestic (US) supplier of nPB, Bromothane performance is unmatched. Selecting Bromothane also avoids the delivery headaches and quality issues often found with nPB from China or the Middle East. So with Bromothane you get consistent, affordable, reliable cleaning and the best product stewardship program in the industry. For great cleaning at competitive prices, you need Bromothane. Updated 9-5-2008

Powerful, Cost-Effective Cleaning Is Easy with Today's New Vertrel® Solvents

Powerful, Cost-Effective Cleaning Is Easy with Today's New Vertrel® Solvents

For precision degreasing, defluxing and solvent drying, nothing beats today's Vertrel® solvents, only by DuPont. New to the line-up is Vertrel SDG, the most powerful fluorinated solvent on the market today. Ozone-safe, nonflammable and fast-drying, SDG and the other Vertrel® cleaners are widely used on metals, oxygen systems, optics, ceramics and electronics. They are the most effective solvent drying (dewatering) system on the market today. To replace chlorinated solvents, HCFCs, and even aqueous cleaners, nothing beats the cost-effective cleaning from Vertel®. Updated 1-8-2009

Company Profile

The MicroCare offices in New Britain, CT

Here's the short answer: MicroCare can help you work faster, better, safer and cheaper. Our products are used for precision cleaning, surface finishing, solvent drying and dewatering, and precision lubrication. We serve a variety of industries, such as surface finishing, electronics, life sciences, telecommunications, photonics, aerospace, security systems and injection molding. We help companies clean, dry, coat and/or lubricate metal and plastic parts, complex medical devices, aerospace components, circuit boards, fiber optics and similarly demanding systems. MicroCare has numerous patents for our innovations, all of which help customers clean faster and better, more safely, at lower cost and with less waste. Featured offerings include: >> Vertrel® specialty solvents only by DuPont, for precision cleaning, silicone swelling, dewetting and for use as carrier fluids. These products are used around the world as ozone-safe alternatives to older-style solvents. >> Bromothane nPB solvents offer powerful cleaning at higher temperatures and lower costs, these are excellent alternatives to trike, perc and related cleaners. >> Aerosol solvents, featuring 26 different formulations for every possible precision cleaning application. >> Dry film lubricants, based on PTFE and used to clean and lubricate precision medical devices. >> Mold release agents for the molding of plastics, ceramics and other materials, with answers for the entire range of molding applications (paintable, food-grade, medical grade, and so on). >> High-purity lint-free wipes and swabs, including clean room materials. >> Cleaning products for photonics, fiber optic networks and optical devices, including plastic-safe cleaners for the most delicate applications, coatings and devices. With more than 100 years of experience in precision cleaning and chemical management, we just don't provide a solvent or a wipe; we help provide a process which ensures you get the results you need at a price you can afford. If you have a product or a process that must work the first time, every time, all the time, anytime, then your need the experts at MicroCare.

Product Categories of MicroCare Corp.

  • Cleaning Systems, aqueous or CFC-free
  • Coatings, dry-film or solid-film lubricant
  • Coatings, fluorocarbon
  • Degreasers, solvent, vapor
  • Dryers, solvent
  • Lubricants, dry-film or solid-film
  • Printed Circuit Board Processing Chemicals
  • Screen-Printing Equipment and Supplies
  • Solvents, degreasing

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