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  • PKG’s Electroplating Line Increases Copper Production

    This line is designed to replace existing lines.

  • Making Plating Lines New Again

    PKG Equipment helps Monroe Plating in Rochester, New York revive a used line and give the shop extra flexibility.

  • Citric Acid Passivation Line Includes Numerous Stations

    PKG Equipment offers a citric acid passivation line. Process tanks can be fabricated from copolymer polypropylene, carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.

  • Finishing Equipment Can Be Customized

    PKG Equipment – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 632

  • Process Equipment Manufacturer Expands Facility

    PKG Equipment Inc. (Rochester, N.Y.) has increased its process equipment manufacturing facility to meet the demands of its growing business of custom metal and plastic fabrication of process tanks, industrial ventilation, metal finishing systems, and waste treatment equipment.

  • Wet Process Stations

    PKG Equipment’s wet process stations and sinks can be manufactured from standard or fire-retardant white polypropylene, or from stainless steel, and are suited for small-parts cleaning, plating, etching, passivation and other processes.

  • PKG Equipment Electro-less, Electrolytic Plating Systems

    PKG Equipment manufactures electro-less and electrolytic plating systems, including ventilation and waste treatment equipment.

  • PKG Equipment Machine-Welded Plastic Tanks

    PKG Equipment uses forming machines and butt welders to fabricate its plastic tanks, which it says makes them stronger and more durable than plastic tanks that are hand-welded.

  • Butt-Welded Plastic Tanks

    PKG Equipment uses forming machines and butt welders to produce plastic tanks designed to withstand corrosion, high temperatures and rugged shop use.

  • Gas-Fired Evaporator Reduces Liquid Waste

    PKG Equipment’s gas-fired evaporator converts the water portion of liquid waste to vapor and segregates solids and oils, reducing the volume of effluent by as much as 98 percent, the company says.

  • PKG and Roberts Chemical Form Partnership

    PKG Equipment Inc., a Rocherster, NY-based manufacturer specializing in surface finishing equipment, has formed a strategic alliance with Roberts Chemical Co. Inc. of Attleboro, MA, a chemical distributor for the Northeastern U.S.

  • Custom Finishing Equipment

    PKG Equipment will present its design, fabrication and installation services for custom finishing equipment from individual components to manual or automatic turnkey systems.

  • PVC Horizontal Scrubber

    A scrubber available from PKG Equipment, constructed of ½-inch thick PVC, is designed to remove 99.9% of nitric acid from exhaust streams at flow rates to 20,000 cfm.

  • PKG Equipment Inc.

    PKG Equipment Inc. designs, fabricates and installs custom finishing equipment from individual components to complete manual or automatic turnkey systems.

  • Turnkey Finishing Systems

    Company designs, manufactures and installs turnkey finishing systems for plating, anodizing, black oxide and pretreatment.

  • Pollution Control Technologies

    Products and systems that can help finishers comply with environmental regulations

  • Gas-Fired Evaporator

    This gas-fired evaporator is designed for optimal efficiency and economy of the disposal of the water portion of water-based waste.

  • PKG Equipment, Inc.

    PKG Equipment, Inc. offers design, fabrication and installation of custom finishing equipment from individual components to manual or automatic turnkey systems.

  • Protective Coating

    Company is an industrial applicator of polyurethane spray on linings that are 100% solids tack-free within 40 seconds resulting in little downtime.

  • Hoist

    The rail rider hoist is designed and manufactured for optimum performance and easy maintenance in corrosive environments.

PKG Equipment Inc.

Contact Information

Please visit: PKG Equipment Inc.

Mailing Address:
367 Paul Rd.
Rochester, NY 14624 US

Phone: 585-436-4650
Toll-Free: 877-615-6460
Fax: 585-436-3751

A Special Message from PKG Equipment Inc.

Custom Fabricated Finishing Equipment Since 1969

Wet Process Stations

Wet Process Stations

Custom Fabricated Wet Benches and Sinks

PKG Equipment designs, manufactures and installs wet benches and sinks for small parts cleaning, plating, etching, passivation and more. Benches are designed to optimize your production and for easy maintenance. They can be customized with a variety of controls and features such as digital instrumentation, ventilation, ultrasonics and built-in rectifiers just to name a few. We have ASTM C1147 qualified plastic fabricators and ASME Section IX qualified metal fabricators for the best quality assurance.

Metal & Thermoplastic Tanks

Metal & Thermoplastic Tanks

Custom Fabricated Tanks from Various Metals and Thermoplastics

PKG Equipment designs, fabricates, and installs tanks used in plating, anodizing, powder coating and waste treatment. Tanks are custom fabricated from steel, stainless steel, polypro, HDPE, PVC, PVDF or fiberglass. We also offer Koroseal, lead and titanium lining. Our plastic fabricators are ASTM C1147 qualified and our metal fabricators are ASME Section IX qualified for the best quality assurance. We also carry molded polyethylene tanks.

Finishing Systems

Finishing Systems

Custom Fabricated Turnkey Finishing Systems

PKG Equipment designs, manufactures and installs turnkey finishing systems for plating, anodizing, black oxide and pretreatment. Systems may be manual or fully automated. Our plastic and metal fabricating departments allow us to fabricate systems using a variety of materials. Modularizing on our shop floor prior to installation eliminates costly down time and field installation. In addition to manufacturing new finishing lines, we can also work with you to update and refurbish your existing equipment.

Company Profile

Pretreatment Line

PKG Equipment, Inc. offers design, fabrication and installation of custom finishing equipment from individual components to manual or automatic turnkey systems. We offer in-depth knowledge of the proper equipment for all types of finishing processes to optimize your production. Our systems are easy to operate and maintain. If you need modification of your existing line, we can do that too. PKG has plastics and metal fabricating departments along with in-house services of sandblasting, polishing, painting and plastisol coating. This gives us the capability to fabricate a variety of equipment such as tanks, tank linings, evaporators, pH neutralization systems, exhaust systems, racks and more, utilizing a wide range of materials. We also offer Koroseal lining and lead lining.

Product Categories of PKG Equipment Inc.

  • Anodizing Processes and Equipment, aluminum hardcoat
  • Barrel Finishing Equipment
  • Barrel Plating Equipment
  • Barrel Plating Equipment Repair
  • Baskets, dipping, pickling, handling
  • Cathode Rod Agitators
  • Cleaning and Phosphating Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment, ultrasonic
  • Cooling Equipment for Plating and Anodizing Solutions
  • Dragout Solution Evaporators
  • Dryers, centrifugal
  • Electroforming Equipment
  • Electropolishing Equipment
  • Equipment Engineering and Installation Services
  • Etchant-Recovery and Recycling Equipment
  • Etching Machines
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Filtration Equipment, solution
  • Flooring, chemical-resistant
  • Galvanizing Equipment, supplies
  • Hoists, traveling: automatically controlled
  • Hoists, traveling: manually controlled
  • Lining Services for Tanks and Mass-Finishing Equipment
  • Parts Washers, mechanically agitated
  • Plating and Anodizing Equipment
  • Plating Equipment, continuous (wire and strip)
  • Plating Rack Coatings
  • Pollution Control Equipment, chemical destruction
  • Pollution Control Equipment, evaporative recovery
  • Pollution Control Equipment, fume scrubbers
  • Pollution Control Systems Engineering, air
  • Pollution Control Systems Engineering, water
  • Printed Circuit Board Processing Equipment
  • Racks, plating, painting and anodizing
  • Tank Covers
  • Tank Linings, Tumbling Barrel Linings
  • Tanks, metal
  • Tanks, plastic
  • Washers, small parts

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