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Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC.

Contact Information

Please visit: Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC.

Mailing Address:
201 Pneu-Mech Dr.
Statesville, NC 28625 US

Phone: 704-873-2475
Toll-Free: 800-358-7374
Fax: 704-871-2780

A Special Message from Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC.

Building Partnerships With Customers, Using Today's Technology, Meeting Delivery Schedules, Providing Service After The Sale.

Pneu-Mech Systems, established in 1991, directs all of our marketing, sales, and design efforts strickly toward finishing systems and components for the metal, wood, and composit materials industries. We design, manufacture, and install washers, ovens, and "Turn Key" systems for both liquid and powder. We control the design, manufacture, and installation with our own people which allows Pneu-Mech to deliver quality "on time" finishing systems. Our goal is to provide the "optium" coating system for each customer's needs. Our responsibility to our customers is to provide creative design, energy conservation, and process efficiency which includes offering our guidance in applying new technology to their process. Headquartered in Statesville,NC, we serve all of North America for new "turn key" systems, components, modifcations, and repairs. Pneu-Mech can help "You" raise the bar for your competition.

Product Categories of Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC.

  • Air Make-Up Systems
  • Chillers
  • Cleaning and Phosphating Equipment
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Conveyor Cleaning Equipment
  • Conveyor Loading/Unloading Equipment, automatic
  • Conveyors, belt
  • Conveyors, chain-on-edge spindle-type
  • Conveyors, flat pallet
  • Conveyors, magnetic belt
  • Conveyors, overhead power-and-free
  • Conveyors, overhead traveling hoist
  • Curing Equipment, Ultraviolet (UV) & Electron Beam (EB)
  • Finishing Systems, paint, porcelain enamel, powder, conveyorized
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Heaters, immersion
  • Heaters, paint drum
  • Infrared Heaters, electric
  • Infrared Heaters, gas
  • Nozzles, spray painting
  • Ovens, convection
  • Ovens, high-velocity
  • Ovens, infrared
  • Painting Equipment, air-assisted-airless spray
  • Painting Equipment, air-atomize spray
  • Painting Equipment, airless spray
  • Painting Equipment, curtain coating
  • Painting Equipment, roller coat
  • Parts Washers, mechanically agitated
  • pH Electrodes
  • pH Meters
  • pH Papers
  • Pollution Control Equipment, ion exchange
  • Pollution Control Equipment, membrane filtration
  • Pollution Control Equipment, reverse-osmosis
  • Pollution Control Equipment, sludge concentration/conversion
  • Pollution Control Systems Engineering, water
  • Powder Coating Systems, engineering and installation
  • Robots, painting and powder coating
  • Spray Booth Lighting Fixtures
  • Spray Booths, paint and powder coating
  • Spray-Gun Movers, paint or powder coating
  • Steam Cleaning and Phosphating Apparatus
  • Tanks, paint (pressure feed)
  • Ultrafiltration Equipment
  • Vacuum Cleaning Equipment for Powder Coating Systems
  • Waste-Disposal Service
  • Water-Softening Equipment

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