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  • Next-gen Rectifier Gate Drive Enables Remote Control, Real-time Display

    Process Electronics Corporation (PEC) introduces its next-generation gate drive as a drop-in replacement for the OR34240-B0 board for controlling rectifiers.

  • Process Electronics Corp.

    Process Electronics will exhibit MACC rectifiers, designed to be easily operable because of microprocessor-based controls that can be placed at a distance from the plating line and can also be interfaced with plant computer systems.

  • AC and DC Power Supplies

    Company designs, manufactures and services quality Udylite brand AC and DC power supplies.

  • PEC

    PEC will be featuring its Udylite MACC (Microprocessor Air Cooled Converter), which is said to feature an accurate and reliable microprocessor control system.

Process Electronics Corp.

Contact Information

Please visit: Process Electronics Corp.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 505
100 Brickyard Rd.
Mt. Holly, NC 28120 US

Phone: 704-827-9019
Toll-Free: 800-421-9107
Fax: 704-827-9595

A Special Message from Process Electronics Corp.

Process Electronics Corporation The Power to Finish First!

PEC manufactures quality UDYLITE power conversion equipment for all metal finishing and industrial applications. For over 50 years, PEC has met demanding requirements with standard and custom designs. Our customer base is global, and we offer unsurpassed after-sales support. From closed-loop, liquid cooled power centers to portable bench converters, PEC - UDYLITE is the choice for dependable and efficient power.



The Staff at Process Electronic Corporation is factory trained to address your needs for service and support. We provide unlimited telephone assistance to answer technical questions and to offer maintenance guidelines.

Company Profile

Mt. Holly, NC

PEC Moves into New Manufacturing Facility (Mt. Holly, North Carolina) PEC is pleased to announce its recent relocation to a new manufacturing facility in Mt. Holly, NC, just west of Charlotte, NC. This new facility was designed and constructed specifically for the efficient manufacture of the complete line of venerable PEC - Udylite product. The facility encompasses 20,000 square feet of manufacturing area, including a 500 square foot static-controlled PC room for assembly, test and repair of all PEC - Udylite circuit boards.

Product Categories of Process Electronics Corp.

  • Ampere-Hour Meters
  • Anodizing Processes and Equipment, aluminum hardcoat
  • Brightener Feeders, automatic
  • Current Controls
  • Electroforming Equipment
  • Electropolishing Equipment
  • Galvanizing Equipment, supplies
  • Painting Equipment, electrocoating
  • Periodic-Reverse Equipment, Current Interrupters
  • Plating and Anodizing Equipment
  • Power Supplies for Electrostatic Processes
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Rectifier Rebuilding and Repair
  • Rectifiers
  • Testing Equipment, rectifier ripple

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