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  • Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016

    We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year.

  • Tri-Mer Can Offer Tanks Over 100 Feet

    Company specializes in 100 percent co-polymer and homopolymer polypropylene that are rugged, long-life materials.

  • Brochure Describes Copolymer, Homopolymer Process Tank Technology

    A new brochure from Tri-Mer Corp. describes process tank technology that uses 100-percent copolymer and homopolymer polypropylene.

  • Literature Showcases Air-Pollution-Control Technology

    Tri-Mer’s UltraCat catalyst-embedded filter system and Cloud Chamber Scrubber (CCS) are among the products featured on a line card the company has created to describe its air-pollution-control technology, which is designed to comply with TAP standards.

  • Environmental Booths Offer HEPA-Level Filtration

    The Tri-Flow environmental control booth from Tri-Mer Corp. is designed for plant areas where dirty and/or noisy tasks need to be confined to their own workspace.

  • Compact Filter Self-Cleans

    Tri-Mer Corp.'s Tri-Flow is a new filtration concept designed to deliver HEPA-like performance with a MERV 16 rating.  The compact filters are offered as a higher-performing alternative to bag, cartridge and pocket filters typically rated MERV 10-13.

  • Air Pollution Control Literature

    A new catalogue from Tri-Mer describes updated technology for air pollution control systems that comply with the newest MACT standards and EPA regulations for TAPs (toxic air pollutants.) The brochure discusses the company’s Cloud Chamber Scrubber (CCS), which treats PM2.5, fine, submicron, ultrafine, condensable particulate and PM10 while simultaneously removing soluble acid gases.

  • Dust Collection Literature

    A new brochure from Tri-Mer describes the company’s updated Whirl Wet technology for high efficiency dust collection of soluble and insoluble particulate, 3µ and above.

  • Co-Polymer Tanks

    The co-polymer tanks are fabricated using a proprietary protocol that is said to assure seamless structural integrity and full strength at all bend sites.

  • Dust Collector

    The Pulse Jet system is designed for the collection of fine dusts and fumes from plasma cutting, laser welding and shot blasting operations.

  • True Temper Manages Every Detail to Stay on Top

    True Temper Sports has been a leading producer of golf shafts since shortly after the U.S.

  • Zinc Plating Using Split Rail Technology

    Thomas Regout was founded in 1834 on the principle that “achieving perfect results starts with the perfect tools.” To achieve perfect zinc plating, the company chose a split rail plating system...

  • Total Control Anodizing

    Landmark anodizing system is excellent for semiconductor toolmakers...

Tri-Mer Corp.

Contact Information

Please visit: Tri-Mer Corp.

Mailing Address:
1400 Monroe St.
Owosso, MI 48867 US

Phone: 989-723-7838
Fax: 989-723-7844

A Special Message from Tri-Mer Corp.

Visit our website for air pollution systems engineered specifically for platers and finishers!

Cost-effective Air Pollution Control and Shop Equipment for Platers and Finishers

Tri-Mer serves OEMs and job shops who plate, paint, etch or anodize. We supply fume scrubbers, dust collectors and all-mechanical chrome eliminators that efficiently scrub both hex and trivalent chrome without chemicals, and allow recovery of collected chrome for recycling. Tri-Mer steel and stainless steel tanks, and 100% polypropylene tanks are widely preferred for caustic cleaning, phosphating, electrocoating, wire and strip processing and galvanizing; we also manufacture co-polymer insulated tanks for hard coat and hot anodizing and low-cost roto-mold tanks. Tri-Mer blowers are ideal for corrosive finishing exhausts and ventilation; we also supply polypropylene tank hoods, and ducting, as well as consoles and other specialty fabrications. The largest metal finishing operations use Tri-Mer's Multi-Chem scrubbers to reliably control multiple contaminants, or NOx, at high efficiencies. These larger users often choose other Tri-Mer products, including wet dust collectors and V/F gas scrubbers, for use in manufacturing and other non-finishing areas.

Product Categories of Tri-Mer Corp.

  • Dust Collectors, Dust-Control Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fans, exhaust
  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Pollution Control Equipment, chemical destruction
  • Pollution Control Equipment, fume scrubbers
  • Pollution Control Equipment, incineration
  • Pollution Control Systems Engineering, air
  • Tanks, metal
  • Tanks, plastic

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