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  • Uyemura Launches New Electrolytic Nickel Technology

    Two new high-speed electrolytes for the electrodeposition of nickel phosphorus are Umicore Niphos 967 and 968.

  • Bright Lights, Big Finish for Electronics Plater

    Wisconsin manufacturer of printed circuit boards for the LED lighting industry and others in the electronics sector has seen business boom in the past few years.

  • Uyemura USA Becomes Certified eSurface Supplier

    Under the terms of the multi-year agreement, eSurface and Uyemura will market and deliver each other's products and services to existing and future customers and licensees.

  • Uyemura USA Becomes Certified Supplier Of eSurface

    eSurface and Uyemura will co-market products and services to existing and future customers.

  • Antitarnish Process Uses Nanotechnology to Protect Metals

    Uyemura – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 413

  • Uyemura Tech Center Announces Professional Staff Additions

    Anthony Albino and Joseph Mirando join plating supplier's R&D team.

  • Advanced Plasma Technology is Focus of Uyemura Partnership

    Uyemura International Corp. (Southington, Conn.) and Europlasma NV (Oudenaarde, Belgium) have formed a partnership to bring advanced vacuum plasma treatment technology (Nanofics) to electronic manufacturing companies and board-makers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

  • When Plating Meets the Jet Set

    Houston plater specializes in finishing private aircraft interiors; company offers more than 130 standard finishes and unlimited custom-matching capabilities.

  • Uyemura Adds Chemist to Technical Team

    Uyemura has appointed Kathleen Larson as a lab chemist in its Tech Center.

  • Mirror-Like Electroplating Alloy

    Uyemura will showcase its mirror-like Miralloy 2851 electroplating alloy, an alternative to silver, palladium and nickel that is heavy metal-free, tarnish-free and abrasion-resistant.

  • Uyemura Hires Southeastern Territory Manager

    Uyemura International Corp. has hired Mark Eonta as Southeastern Territory manager. He also will act as product manager for the MEC chemistry that Uyemura distributes throughout North America.

  • Uyemura Appoints Applications Specialist

    Uyemura International Corp. has appointed George Gallager as an applications specialist to work with customers and partners in both the printed circuit and general metal finishing business units.

  • Uyemura Galvanic Rhodium Alloy

    Uyemura will exhibit a variety of coatings at SUR/FIN 2012, including Umicore GT’s Rhoduna Alloy, a galvanic rhodium alloy that is designed to provide whiteness and performance comparable to high-quality rhodium coatings at lower cost.

  • High-Speed Electrolytic Process

    The GRX-70 high-speed electrolytic process from Uyemura is designed to prevent whisker formation in electroplated tin for 22,000 hours and longer.

  • Electroplating Process

    The company will exhibit CL Satin Nickel, a versatile process that can produce several different finish appearances.

  • Precious Metal Electrolyte Literature

    A new brochure from Uyemura discusses Umicore Galvanotechnik precious metal electrolytes for functional and decorative plating.

  • Mist Suppressant

    Uyemura International has introduced an EPA-compliant anti-mist that prevents vapor escape and minimizes evaporative losses from chrome (Cr3 and CR5) plating baths.

  • Uyemura International Corp.

    Uyemura (UIC) exhibits CL Satin Nickel, a versatile process that can produce several different finish appearances, and three high-performing black finishes, including Nickstar deep black nickel, a lead-free mid-phos electroless nickel that’s bright and robust.

  • Smooth Finish

    Satin nickel scores in auto and other applications

  • Uyemura

    Uyemura Nickstar is an advanced black nickel technology that deposits a thin, and highly uniform over-coat of black nickel-zinc alloy, preserving the substrate’s brightness while producing an exceptionally rich black nickel finish.

Uyemura International

Contact Information

Please visit: Uyemura International

Mailing Address:
240 Town Line Rd.
Southington, CT 06489 US

Phone: 860-793-4011
Toll-Free: 800-243-3564
Fax: 860-793-4020

A Special Message from Uyemura International


"Powered by science, focused on customers."

At Uyemura, our mission is the development, and continuous improvement, of chemistries and equipment that enhance the performance, productivity and profitability of the companies we serve.

Miralloy is industry's best and most cost-effective alternative to silver, palladium and nickel for a broad range of applications. In 2013, Uyemura introduced Miralloy 2851, a revolutionary process that operates at 10 ASF - 25-43% faster than competitive products. More   GRX-70 Whiskerless Tin is an acidic electroplating tin bath proven to prevent whiskers formation in electroplated tin for at least 22,000 hours. GRX-70 has a high deposition speed, produces a uniform white matte deposit with excellent solderability, and operates at 113-152°F. More   Antitarnish 616 PLUS permanently preserves the brightness of silver. Chrome-free, skin friendly, dirt repellent and hypoallergenic, it is ideal for decorative applications. It also has good sliding properties and solderability and low contact resistance, so it is ideal for many technical applications as well. More  

CL-NC Alkaline Copper is the first-ever solution for direct plating on aluminum. CLNC replaces the cyanide copper strike used prior to zinc die cast plating, and is ideal as a base for bright nickel / microcrack chrome finishing. Used with a nickel barrier, it's an excellent base for gold plating. More

  • Uyemura and Europlasma NV have brought advanced vacuum plasma treatment technology (NanoficsR) to North America.   This low pressure plasma technology allows EMS companies to apply conformal coatings to electronic components, and most notably, to fully assembled products such as headsets, hearing aids and mobile phones. It also provides a cost-efficient surface finish to protect board surfaces prior to ssembly.  Europlasma Nanofics technology has demonstrated wide applicability for medical device and automotive applications, as well as technical textiles ranging from filtration to clothing.
  • ANP Electroless Nickel Plating for aluminum provides excellent adhesion through at least six MTOs. The process does not employ a strike and adds no steps compared to normal aluminum preparation double zincating.
  • CL Satin Nickel produces fine crystalline nickel deposits, even on polished base materials. Different color effects are achieved with chrome, antique nickel, black nickel, black chrome and gold.
  • Nickstar deposits a thin and highly uniform over-coat of black nickel-zinc alloy, preserving the substrate's brightness while producing an exceptionally rich black nickel finish.
  • Electrolytic Palladium 457 produces high-gloss, low-porosity coatings that are bendable and crack-free, up to 3 μm. Excellent corrosion resistance; stable electrolyte has a wide operating range.

Product Categories of Uyemura International

  • Anodes, platinum-and/or palladium-clad
  • Chromate Conversion Coatings
  • Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
  • Controls, electroless plating
  • Plating and Anodizing Equipment
  • Plating Processes for Aluminum
  • Plating Processes for Plastics
  • Plating Processes for Printed Circuits
  • Plating Processes, brass or bronze
  • Plating Processes, copper
  • Plating Processes, copper, electroless
  • Plating Processes, gold
  • Plating Processes, gold, electroless
  • Plating Processes, nickel
  • Plating Processes, nickel, electroless
  • Plating Processes, nickel, satin finish
  • Plating Processes, rhodium

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