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  • Two-Component Spray Gun Features Compact Design, Sturdy Grip

    Walther Pilot presents its newest two-component spray gun, the Pilot Bond 2K.

  • Walther Pilot Terra Manual Spray is Budget-Friendly

    The Pilot Terra is available in both gravity feed and material feed versions as well as conventional and LVLP models.

  • Spray Gun Works With Almost Any Material

    It features stainless steel material passageways to facilitate the spraying of water-based and aggressive media, and a PTFE-coated gun body for easy cleaning.

  • Spray Gun Can Use Any Two-Component, Water-Based Adhesive

    The Pilot Premium 2K spray gun from Walther Pilot is designed to apply two-component, water-based adhesives for the foam manufacturing industry.

  • Walther Pilot Manual Spray Guns Handle Virtually Any Material

    The egonomically designed Pilot Premium manual spray gun from Walther Pilot features stainless steel wetted parts for spraying water-based and aggressive media, oversized material passages to prevent buildup or clogging, and a galvanized cast aluminum body for sturdiness and durability.

  • Walther Pilot Automatic Spray Gun

    The new WA 900 automatic spray gun from Walther Pilot is designed to be versatile enough to spray virtually any material and be implemented in almost all types of system configurations.

  • Spray Gun for Extreme Applications

    Walther Pilot will display its newly developed Pilot Premium AR spray gun.

  • HVLP-Plus Spray Gun

    The Pilot Premium from Walther Pilot is a new paint spray gun with a dynamic, ergonomic design.

  • Walther Pilot

    Walther Pilot North America will exhibit a new spraying system that can achieve high-quality coatings in hard-to-reach areas such as grooves, hollow profiles and the inner surfaces of pipes.

  • Spray Guns for Liquid Paint

    Featuring air atomize, HVLP, Airless, Air Assisted Airless, electrostatic spray gun and more…

  • Spray Booth Software

    The electronic FlexControl Plus features recipe memory for up to 12 paints and three hardeners, 10 individual flushing programs and simple touch screen controls.

  • Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun

    The GM 3000 AC AirCoat gun (air-assisted airless) is built to deliver optimal finishing results while being user friendly.

  • Pressure Tanks, Containers and Fluid Transfer Systems

    Catalog presents a wide product range including small pressure containers, standard pressure tanks, vacuum vessels, heating and cooling jacket tanks, pressureless vessels, agitators, barrel lids with lifters for original cans and level measurement and control technology.

  • Precision Spraying Makes Its Mark

    Handling minute quantities of spray material requires specialized coating equipment...

  • Rapid Spray Gun

    The Pilot Rapid is available in conventional-spray and medium-pressure versions.

  • Automatic Spray Guns

    This catalog feature the company's automatic spray guns which can be added to any existing material feed system, either standard or recirculating and are available as conventional spraying, low-pressure spraying technology airless and air-assisted spraying.

  • Spray Pack

      The Spray Pack features the new Fine Flow Control, which is a “three-in-one” device combining the material pressure regulator, filter and anti-pulsation device.

Walther Pilot North America, LLC

Contact Information

Please visit: Walther Pilot North America, LLC

Mailing Address:
46890 Continental Dr.
Chesterfield, MI 48047 US

Phone: 586-598-0347
Toll-Free: 877-925-8437
Fax: 586-598-1457

A Special Message from Walther Pilot North America, LLC

Your Source for Customized Spray Finishing Solutions!


Marking Systems

Marking Systems

Fully Customized Marking Systems

Need an assembly line of products marked for defect or testing? Have a diffcult marking situation where time, space, or spray pattern have certain constraints? WALTHER PILOT marking systems are your answer. We have several pre-built systems that you can choose from or we can work with you to determine your personalized needs and deliver a fully customized system that will help you get the job done. No part is too small, no job is too big, and no problem is too tough. Call us today for more information!

WA 900

WA 900


The brand new WALTHER PILOT WA 900 automatic spray gun sets a new standard for versatility, durability, and performance. It features stainless steel material passageways (for water-based or aggresive materials) and a PTFE-coated gun body (for easy cleaning). It also features a quick-change adapter plate for robotic mounting; 2 allen bolts and about 30 seconds is all you need to remove or swap out guns from your production process. The WA 900 comes wih external or internal control and in the following variations: Conventional, HVLP, HVLP Plus, Adhesive (solvent or water based), and AR (Abrasive Resistant). Call today for more information!

Pilot Terra

Pilot Terra


The WALTHER PILOT Terra manual spray gun is our most budget-minded spray gun but doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality. Featuring the same rugged WALTHER PILOT industrial quality as all of our high end spray equipment, the Terra also comes with an unbeatable cost/benefit ratio. It features a stainless steel needle/nozzle combination as well as a high precision nozzle/air cap system. The PILOT Terra is available in both gravity feed and material feed versions as well as Conventional and LVLP models. The LVLP model allows you to achieve a transfer efficiency of over 65%. There are 3 nozzle sizes available for the Terra, 1.0mm, 1.4mm, and 1.8mm.

Company Profile


Walther Pilot North America is the North American agent for Walther Spray and Paint Finishing Company of Germany. In business for over 10 years, Walther Pilot North America provides products to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Through our distributors we provide localized sales and service support to our North American clients. 

The Walther Pilot name is known for its’ superior quality. Our specialized tools deliver the highest process reliability and top-quality results.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service available. We provide equipment for spray finishing, adhesive applications, marking systems, and material supply. Our experienced staff can also help solve any spraying problems you have with a specialized solution specifically tailored towards your needs.

Product Categories of Walther Pilot North America, LLC

  • Controls, air pressure
  • Controls, fluid pressure
  • Drum Pumps
  • Finishing Systems, paint, porcelain enamel, powder, conveyorized
  • Hoses, air or liquid
  • Inks, metal color-coding
  • Nozzles, liquid spray
  • Nozzles, spray painting
  • Paint Dispensing Equipment
  • Paint, touch-up
  • Paint-Circulating Systems
  • Paint-Drum Rotators, Mixers, Shakers
  • Painting Equipment
  • Painting Equipment, air-atomize spray
  • Painting Equipment, airless spray
  • Painting Equipment, high-volume/low-pressure air atomize
  • Painting Equipment, plural-component spray
  • Pumps, paint
  • Pumps, paint, plural-component metering
  • Tanks, paint (pressure feed)

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