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  • Walter Surface Technologies Wins Top Award By Grainger Mexico

    “Best Supplier with the Greatest Commitment” award during Grainger Mexico’s presentation gala held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

  • Walter Appoints General Manager for Mexico

    Pablo Rivero Torres will be responsible for managing the company’s sales, marketing, operations and services in Mexico.

  • Environmentally Friendly Parts Washer Suits Rugged Environments

    Walter Surface Technologies offers its CleanBox Flow, an addition to the company’s Bio-Circle manual industrial parts washing systems.

  • Walter Tool Line Provides Uniform Surface Finishes

    The Quick-Step line of surface finishing and polishing tools from Walter Surface Technologies features Velcro support and a central pin to ensure proper disc placement and safety.

  • Walter Surface Technologies Introduces Cleaner Selector App

    Mobile App is designed to help distributor sales representatives and end-users select the best Bio-Circle solution for non-toxic industrial cleaning tasks.

  • Walter Eco-friendly Cleaning Agent Derived from Vegetable Extracts

    Nature Boost from Walter Surface Technologies is an eco-friendly additive for heavy-duty industrial cleaning that is derived from vegetable extracts obtained from a by-product generated in the vegetable processing industry.

  • Walter Surface Technologies Opens $30 Million International Campus

    After several years of investments in design and construction of the most recent extension phase housing its new Bio-Circle facility, the entire 92,000-sq-ft Walter Surface Technologies International campus is now complete on its original Montreal (Pointe-Claire, Quebec) site.

  • Walter Grinding Wheel Easily Removes Mill Scale

    Specially designed to prevent glazing or disc clogging, the FlexCut Mill Scale grinding wheel from Walter Surface Technologies features a wide surface contract area for faster and easier mill scale removal.

  • Walter Surface Technology Weld Electro-Cleaning Replaces Toxic Methods

    Walter Surface Technologies’ Surfox weld electro-cleaning system is designed to be an alternative to highly toxic methods for weld cleaning and chemical passivation.

  • Walter 1-mm Cutting Wheel Suited for Thin Metal

    Designed for cutting thin-gauge metal, Walter Surface Technologies’ Zip One 1-mm cut-off wheel is specially reinforced and bonded with a mix of high-performance abrasives designed to deliver extra-cool cutting.

  • Walter Surface Technologies Celebrates 60 Years

    Founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1952 by Walter J. Somers and a few colleagues, Walter Surface Technologies started out importing surface treatment tools from Europe, then developed and manufactured its own brand throughout the years.

  • Walter Surface Technologies Creates Bio-Circle Division

    Walter Surface Technologies has created a new business unit, Bio-Circle Inc., to develop sales of its Bio-Circle environmental parts cleaning system throughout the Midwest region. The unit is located in Chicago, and it is being led by Keith Young, general manager.

  • Walter Surface Technologies Non-Corrosive Solution Removes Rust

    Walter Surface Technologies’ Bio-Rust non-corrosive solution is designed to eradicate rust on iron and mild steel, and provide a safe, biodegradable alternative to hazardous, labor-intensive processes.

  • Walter Finishing Disc Design Boosts Longevity

    Walter Surface Technologies’ Enduro-Flex finishing discs feature a flap configuration, and a cloth and abrasive composition designed to increase surface finish consistency and material removal.

  • Non-Corrosive Solution Removes Rust

    Walter Surface Technologies’ Bio-Rust non-corrosive solution is designed to eradicate rust on iron and mild steel, and provide a safe, biodegradable alternative to hazardous, labor-intensive processes.

  • Eco-Friendly Surface Cleaner Replaces Toxic Solvents

    Walter Surface Technologies’ environmentally friendly AF-Clean surface cleaner and degreaser is designed to replace toxic solvents in preparing and cleaning metallic surfaces prior to painting, priming, coating, gluing and applying corrosion protection, and in cleaning moulds for plastic injection.

  • 8 Products from Walter Surface Technologies Earn Clean Air Solvant Certificates

    The top management team at Walter Surface Technologies International just got the good news that eight of their products have earned Clean Air Solvant (CAS) certifications from one of the most strict air pollution control agencies, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).  "All products have successfully met all of the requirements for a CAS certificate.

  • Biological Cleaning

    Researchers at Bio-Circle, a wholly-owned division of Walter Surface Technologies, have harnessed microscopic life forms that “digest” contaminants and convert them to simple, clean, H20 with negligible traces of CO2.

  • Polishing Discs

    POLI-QUICK DISCS are designed for finishing stainless steel and other nonferrous metals to a #2 satin finish and up through a #7 polished finish.

  • High-Productivity Abrasives

    Catalog features abrasives for the metal fabricating and metal finishing industries.

Walter Surface Technology

Contact Information

Please visit: Walter Surface Technology

Mailing Address:
810 Day Hill Rd.
Windsor, CT 06095 US

Phone: 860-298-1100
Toll-Free: 800-522-0321
Fax: 866-298-1112

A Special Message from Walter Surface Technology

The most efficient way to clean your parts without solvents!

WALTER SURFACE TECHNOLOGY proudly introduces the BIO-CIRCLE parts cleaning system. It is a safe, efficient and sustainable solution for companies seeking cost-effective green cleaning technology. It eliminates hazardous chemical waste by combining a powerful blend of surfactants with specialized microorganisms cultured for bioremediation. BIO-CIRCLE cleans aggressively and breaks down oil, grease, and other hydrocarbon contaminants into H20 and C02. The system saves time and money, presenting an opportunity for industrial manufacturers to practice environmental stewardship and gain a new competitive advantage. The BIO-CIRCLE parts cleaning system is a truly unique product and represents a new opportunity for corporate leaders to practice sustainable development and leap ahead of their competition. Imagine eliminating hazardous waste, improving the well-being of employees, and decreasing operating costs. These are just a few benefits of the BIO-CIRCLE. As always, WALTER is reshaping the industrial world one innovation at a time. We are confident you will be impressed.

Product Categories of Walter Surface Technology

  • Abrasive Belts, Discs
  • Abrasives, non-woven nylon
  • Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
  • Cleaning Systems, aqueous or CFC-free
  • Degreasers, solvent, vapor
  • Passivation Processes
  • Polishing and Buffing Equipment, hand-held
  • Polishing Wheels
  • Solvents, degreasing

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