Milling Precision, Speed and Surface Quality

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Posted on: 9/1/2013

Five-axis gantry milling machines for customers with high requirements in terms of precision, speed and surface quality.

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FOOKE manufactures five-axis gantry milling machines for customers with  high requirements in terms of precision, speed and surface quality. The power and precision of these machines is reflected in their acceleration of up to 10 m/sec2, closed loop system reinforcements of 5 m/(min x mm) and a maximum deviation of 0.015 mm. These machines are as accurate, and achieve the same surface quality, as conventional gantry milling machines, but they are 50% faster. The KV factor of 5-7 m/(min x mm) is a clear indication of the machine's productivity; with conventional drive technology, the KV factor is generally approximately 1-3 m/(min x mm). The latest generation of ENDURA® milling machines has been designed with an overhead travel portal and is based on already extremely successful conventional ENDURA® products. As linear drive motors are used, many mechanical elements can be omitted e.g. gears, bearings, ball screws and rack gears, and rigidity, reliability and precision are thereby increased. To further increase the dynamic of the machine, all moving components are optimized with regard to weight, rigidity and absorbability. This is only possible with expert knowledge and the aid of FEM and modal analysis. A unique combination of the X-Axis (2 - 20 m), Y-axis (2 - 4 m) and Z-axis (1 - 3 m), means that there is an almost unlimited application range, which can be extended with a wide variety of options. By integrating linear motors into a rigid milling machine structure, the ENDURA® 900 series achieves the highest possible precision and productivity.

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