Building & Construction

In building and construction applications, powder coating systems provide accurate, superior coating coverage from small, simple components to large and complex geometries.

Applications for powder coating include:

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Consumer Products
To meet increasing demands for new colors, finishes and durability, consumer products manufacturers are innovating like never before. Powder coating machinery helps manufacturers achieve durable, attractive finishes on a variety of consumer products like:

Powder electronics coating systems and technology provide reliable, accurate performance in many consumer and industrial electronic applications. Precision solutions allow manufacturers to reduce rejects, lower coating costs and increase line speeds. Powder coating systems are routinely used for electrical cabinets, computers and cell phones.

Precision powder coating systems provide reliable, accurate performance in renewable energy equipment applications, including wind turbine manufacturing and solar panel manufacturing processes for consistently accurate and reliable performance.

Job Shops
For job shops who process a variety of part profiles, styles and colors, powder coating equipment provides an ideal finishing solution. See these stories for examples of how powder coating can help job shops reduce costs and improve efficiency.  

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