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More Paint Attacks on ABS
Which paint and process is suitable for painting ABS?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/7/2014
Updated Paint Texture Inspecting
Here's some additional information for “Inspecting Paint Texture” in the November issue that includes some new technology that can quantify the orange-peel effect.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/2/2014
Craters in the Paint Film
We have to scrap more parts than we want because of craters in paint film. We think this is caused by oil coming from micro pores in the sheet metal.
Ask an Expert Published: 12/26/2013
Non-chrome Aircraft Paints
Can you provide a list of non-chrome paints that have been approved for use by companies in the aircraft industry?
Ask an Expert Published: 11/29/2013
Controlling Paint Film Thickness
How can I achieve a paint film that is less than 1 mil (0.001”) thick?
Ask an Expert Published: 11/26/2013
Color Documentation
Is there a better way to document color matches than with a 60-degree spectrophotometer?
Ask an Expert Published: 11/22/2013
Paint Attacking ABS Parts
ABS automotive parts become brittle and lose flexibility after application of a polyurethane enamel topcoat.
Ask an Expert Published: 11/20/2013
Another Source of Dirt in the Paint Film
An imbalance of the chemicals in the power washer could be the root of a reader's problems with dirt in the paint finish.
Ask an Expert Published: 11/18/2013
Phosphate Pretreatment of Galvanized Steel
We use a seven-tank process that has been working fine for pretreating cold-rolled steel sheet but experience paint-adhesion failures when we pretreat galvanized steel. What must we do to change the process to pretreat GI sheet?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/25/2013
Reader Response to Hard, Abrasion-Resistant Coating
A reader responds to a previous Painting Clinic question about hard, abrasion-resistant coatings, and suggests three technologies.
Ask an Expert Published: 10/23/2013

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