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Published: 6/1/2017

Do Your Own Compatibility Testing
It’s helpful to check for compatibility problems before setting up a new cleaning process, before adding a new product and before changing a process.

Published: 6/1/2017

How to Strip Zinc Phosphate Without Using Chromic Acid
Q. I want to remove zinc phosphate from hardware parts after cold heading. Typically to remove zinc phosphate, I would soak in chromic acid at a high temperature, but this is not a viable or safe method for bulk treatment. Can I just hit the parts w...

Published: 6/1/2017

Intermittent Phosphate Line Usage
Q. I inherited a cleaning and phosphate line and over the last two weeks, we have lost our phosphate solution twice. I am told it is because we have lost iron in the solution. Is there an additive that can be used to help maintain the solution as th...

Published: 3/1/2017

Can Aqueous Alkaline Cleaner Be Used on Aluminum?
Q. Should I not use the same bath to process aluminum and stainless steel? Can aqueous alkaline cleaner be used on aluminum?

Published: 11/1/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Brass Cleaning
Q. How do I clean brass to be powder coated?

Published: 11/1/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Cleaning of Inconel
Q. What cleaning methods are recommended for finishing Inconel 718?

Published: 11/1/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Phosphate Coating Problems
Q. We electrocoat sheet metal, iron castings (machined and non-machined) and aluminum castings (machined and non-machined surfaces) and are having problems with poor phosphating on aluminum substrates. We maintain the free acid at 0.7-1.1 points and...

Published: 11/1/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Pretreatment Equipment Suppliers
Q. I am researching manufacturers of aqueous part washers and phosphate pretreatment systems for powder coating, looking for companies that build conveyor systems, washers and treatment systems; not parts washers. The parts to be cleaned are various...

Published: 7/22/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Cleaning Oxygen-Free Copper
Q. Could you share with me how to lower or eliminate this defect and how to utilize automatic cleaning?

Published: 6/1/2016

Cleaning Q&A: Coating a Threaded Area
Why won’t this conversion coating take to a threaded area?