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Published: 9/1/2015

Electrocoating Q&A: Ecoat for OEMs Versus Job Shops
Are the industrial market electrocoat materials different that the materials used by the OEMs?

Published: 6/1/2015

Voids in Ecoat on Castings
How do we fix cracks in the castings?

Published: 6/1/2015

Acids for Lowering pH
What is the best economical acid to lower the pH in a bath?

Published: 6/1/2015

Ecoat Over Welds
Why does the electrocoat material not cover the entire weld area?

Published: 3/1/2015

Finding and Installing Liners
We have a small paint tank that needs replaced. We want to use a steel tank but we need to find a liner that is compatible with the electrocoat for insulation and safety of the electrical charge.

Published: 3/1/2015

Energy Calculation
How do you calculate the amount of electrical energy in amps-hr. required to deposit one gallon of epoxy electrocoat feed?

Published: 12/1/2014

Rectifier Voltage Explained
Why does the rectifier voltage climb after dipping parts into an electrocoat line?

Published: 9/1/2014

Prevention of E-Coat Cracking on Bent Sheet Metal
Why is the electrocoat cracking on sheet metal bent at 90 degrees?

Published: 6/9/2014

Increasing Coating Thickness
How can I modify my e-coat process to increase film thickness?

Published: 11/26/2013

Minimizing Shear on Paint
If you split flow streams in an e-coat paint recirculation line, what is the best method for manipulating flow rates that would minimize excessive shear on the paint?