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Supplier Contracts
Can we (the supplier) refuse to agree to early termination of a contract unless the customer agrees to increased prices or other concessions?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2013
Treating for BOD from E-Coat
What is the most effective treatment for reducing BOD anolyte? Is a small carbon absorption unit on the overflow line the solution?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/30/2013
Gap Size Specifications
Is there a standard or a design rule that specifies the minimum gap necessary for complete coating during electrocoating?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/20/2013
Transfer Efficiency
What should be the expected transfer efficiency of a square transfer system composed of one e-coat bath and two permeate immersion tanks?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/19/2013
Paint Contamination in Containment
What is the best way to deal with leaked paint froman electrocoat system that ends up in containment, from an environmental, economic and safety point of view?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/18/2013
Electrophoresis Process
What is the electrophoresis process?
Ask an Expert Published: 12/11/2012
E-Coat Training
Where can I obtain training for electrocoat operators and process engineers?
Ask an Expert Published: 12/7/2012
Role of Solvents in E-Coating
What role do solvents play in an e-coat system?
Ask an Expert Published: 12/3/2012
Rotating Anodes
Is anode rotation in an electrocoat tank recommended? If so, at what frequency?
Ask an Expert Published: 11/30/2012
E-Coating Stainless Steel
It is possible to electrocoat stainless steel parts with good quality and performance?
Ask an Expert Published: 11/28/2012

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