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Published: 1/1/2016

Legal Q&A: Antidumping
How do we compete with foreign governments for our automotive parts?

Published: 7/1/2013

Guarding Against Counterfeit Parts
We have been doing a lot of defense work lately and are concerned about counterfeit parts. How can we protect ourselves?

Published: 2/22/2013

On-Site Treatment or Off-Site Disposal
Can you provide information on a pH/precipitation system that will speed up the process of removing metals and patina chemicals from wastewater?

Published: 1/7/2013

Chrome Reduction
What is the best way to reduce hexavalent chrome to trivalent chrome from an aluminum conversion coating rinse water?

Published: 1/2/2013

Nickel Recovery from Filter Press Cake
Is the recovery of nickel metal from waste sludge considered recycling, reusing or reclaiming?

Published: 10/25/2012

Floating Floc Causing Issues
We are a contract finisher with anodizing, alkaline zinc plating, electrocoat and powder coat capabilities. Our processes are well-established, but a few days ago we suddenly experienced floc rising, rather than settling, in our waste treatment. Wha...

Published: 9/6/2012

Waste Treatment for Paint Stripping
How can we remove paint sludge and color and neutralize the pH from paint stripping acid before discharging waste to a storm drain?

Published: 1/23/2012

Spent Hydrochloric Acid
We make HCL drops out of our line and need to pump the spent acid to a holding tank. What is the best type of pump for this?

Published: 5/1/2011

Metals Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Sludge
The sludge is green in color so we think it contains significant amount of nickel. Could we plate out the nickel?

Published: 5/1/2011

Caustic Piping Remedies
When I reviewed our operations, I was struck by how many of our PVC and CPVC piping joints that carried either caustic for wastewater pretreatment or alkaline cleaner exhibited a crusty scale, apparently dried caustic residue.