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Published: 12/1/2000

Nitrate Compound Reporting
Question: A colleague of mine who owns a metal finishing facility has just received notice from U.S.

Published: 10/1/2000

Wastewater from Aluminum Processing
Question: We currently have a five-stage phosphate washer followed by an electrocoat system that is used to process steel parts.

Published: 6/1/2000

Allowable Limits for Phosphate Waste
Question: We are about to incorporate a batch powder-coating system into our production and intend to phosphatize a very small amount of bare steel sheet prior to coating.

Published: 6/1/2000

Delisting Plating Waste
Question: Several months ago, we changed our metal finishing operations so that we are only performing non-cyanide zinc plating on carbon steel followed by chromating.