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Published: 11/3/2016

Anodizing: Corrosion on Hardcoat Anodized 7000 Series Forging
Q. I sent you photos of two parts that are alloy 7050 forgings. On these parts there are spots that appeared as a result of Type III (hardcoat) anodizing that were not present before anodizing. They look like corrosion of some sort, but the corrosio...

Published: 12/1/2015

Anodizing: Typical Hardness of Type III (Hardcoat) Anodized Coatings
Q. Would increasing the hardness of a coating show a significant increase in wear resistance?

Published: 8/1/2014

Stripping Type III (Hardcoat) Anodic Coatings
Is there an effective way to strip Type III (hardcoat) anodic coating from parts while removing as little substrate as possible?

Published: 10/23/2013

Clear Anodize as a Paint Base
Our parts are generally Type III (hardcoat) anodized, sometimes duplex-sealed and sometimes unsealed. Our end-products are subject to sea water, and we try to adhere paint and polyurethane potting compounds to some of the parts. Would paint adhesion...

Published: 2/1/2012

Hardcoat Anodize Thickness Problem
During the anodizing cycle, how can we check to see if the coating thickness is reaching the thickness requirement stated on the drawing?

Published: 1/11/2011

Producing a Thick Anodic Coating on 6061-T6
Our customer has requested .004-inch (100µ, 4 mil) coating thickness on 6061-T6. We normally anodize this part to .002-inch thickness. Our process is 28 V, bath temperature 32°F, for 1 hr. We are not sure of exactly what the best procedure is to har...

Published: 5/1/2010

What is the Correct Anodizing Specification?
My company fabricates aluminum and steel pedestrian bridge railing among other bridge parts. We recently got an aluminum railing job that called for “Type I” anodizing per MIL-A-8625. There was no anodic coating thickness called out. We are not anod...

Published: 2/1/2010

Dichromate Sealing and Fatigue Life
We are looking for some references that show that dichromate sealing restores the loss in fatigue life caused by hard anodizing aluminum alloys.

Published: 2/1/2009

More on Anodizing Die-Cast Aluminum Alloys
The anodized parts are a dark gray color. In addition, we perform a salt spray test and the parts show corrosion pitting over more than 10% of the test panel after only 72 hr. Do you know if this is normal?

Published: 2/1/2009

Stripping Hard Anodic Coatings
Our company has an anodizing vendor that recently had some problems with our hardcoat anodized (Type III) parts. The problem was leakage around the masking, resulting in poor quality parts. The anodizer claims they can chemically strip the hardcoat...