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Tips for Green Mass Finishing
In your area, mass finishing, can you give me some guidelines to reduce the use of non-renewable resources?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/1/2010
Vibratory Parts Washer
A new manufacturing engineer with our firm suggested that we look into a vibratory/washing operation, perhaps even replacing the deburring machine. Can you comment on this?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/1/2010
Intricate Finishing
What process(es) would you recommend to get intricate detail like lettering and emblems to a smooth, clean, bright finish?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/1/2009
Shopping for a Centrifuge
We’re shopping for a centrifuge for processing our vibratory finishing solution with the intention of reusing it.
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2009
Media Selection
Your frequent reference to the tri-cyl shape as being one of the most universal has been true for many jobs, but this is apparently an exception.
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2009
When our mass finishing equipment is started after being shut down a week or more, an extreme stench emanates from the entire system.
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2009
Cost-Effective Internal Deburring
Some of the internal deburring processes will work under one set of conditions but not another, and most processes either involve a substantial capital investment or very high costs by outside contractors. We often use brushing, either by hand or se...
Ask an Expert Published: 1/1/2009
I was very interested in your article about refractometers, but I wonder if you are a little out-of-date?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/1/2008
We have encountered corrosion problems over the past few months and have examined every procedure to try and fix the problem. What have we overlooked?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/1/2008
I am in continuous disagreement with my vibratory finishing operator regarding the flow rate of compound solution going into our 10 ft3 bowl vibrator. Can you give me some guidelines and supporting arguments?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2008

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