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Published: 6/6/2014

Chrome Pretreatment
What are effective pretreatments before painting over chrome?

Published: 10/25/2013

Phosphate Pretreatment of Galvanized Steel
We use a seven-tank process that has been working fine for pretreating cold-rolled steel sheet but experience paint-adhesion failures when we pretreat galvanized steel. What must we do to change the process to pretreat GI sheet?

Published: 7/29/2013

Cleaning Process for Draw Bridge
What cleaning process do you think would work best for our operation of painting various industrial brakes used on overhead bridge cranes and draw bridges?

Published: 1/9/2013

Painting Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel
Do you know of a successful and fool-proof method for cleaning and pretreating hot-dipped galvanized steel before painting?

Published: 6/12/2012

Corrosion Data on Galvanneal Steel
Do you have any data comparing corrosion performance between galvanneal and pickled hot-rolled steel?

Published: 6/6/2012

Zinc–Rich Primer Over Zinc Plating
Is it possible to replace a current process of zinc plating with a zinc paint process on a steel chassis? Also, can zinc paint be powder coated afterwards?

Published: 5/7/2012

Painting a Galvanized Ceiling
A customer wants us to paint the underside of galvanized steel metal decking, which happens to be the interior ceiling of his new structure. The metal has been up for seven months, and he decided he wants it painted white to brighten-up the factory....

Published: 3/28/2012

Solvent Cleaning Parts
Our company makes packaging machines, and I am the quality control engineer responsible for all finishing operations. We paint castings, sheet metal guards and machined parts. We are presently solvent-cleaning in two dip tanks prior to painting. We ...

Published: 2/1/2012

Why Use Epoxy Primer?
We have been applying a two-package epoxy primer and then a polyurethane topcoat to our products.

Published: 2/1/2012

Protecting Brass
I have had customer complaints about the clear coat peeling and corrosion problems on solid-brass numerals for house identification. Can you give any tips on how to polish the brass and protect it for years to come?