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Schools of Thought: More colleges offering programs in coatings
Employers such as 3M, Valspar, Bobcat, DuPont and Caterpillar routinely drop into classrooms at NDSU, scoping out a new hire to develop the next top coating compound or new corrosion-resistant material.
Article Published: 2/1/2011
Better filtration, less money
Keller set out to develop a sustainable process which incorporates a dry separation system for wet paint overspray. The result is a system they say reduces overall costs up to 85% by using a regenerative filtration system that eliminates disposable ...
Article Published: 2/1/2011
Volkswagen: Red, White, Blue … and Green inspires new $120M plant
Volkswagen: Red, White, Blue … and Green inspires new $120M plant
Article Published: 8/1/2010
ACTIVE DUTY: CARC lines are growing
Oshkosh Corporation in Wisconsin was approved by the U.S. Army earlier this year to build about 23,000 military trucks and trailers under the five-year contract starting in 2011.
Article Published: 7/1/2010
Painting Stainless Steel
Question: I was interested in your solution for painting the SS medicine cabinet, but I was hoping you would also include the “government job” solution done at work.
Article Published: 6/1/2002
Painting Plastics at Harley-Davidson
The plastic parts finished here must be as tough as the motorcycles they adorn...
Article Published: 4/1/1996
Ion-Vapor-Deposited Coatings for Improved Corrosion Protection
Applying highly-adherent aluminum coatings onto metals is recognized as a replacement for cadmium...
Article Published: 10/1/1995

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