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Published: 9/15/2017

Compact DC Power Supplies Offer Range of of High Outputs
The DTX 2400 Series of DC power supplies from Dynatronix includes five models with outputs of 0-24 V at 0-100 amps and 0-100 V at 0-24 amps.

Published: 9/11/2017

System Removes Carbonates from Alkaline Zinc Alloy Plating
Asterion’s Carbo-Dry unit is designed to remove carbonates, sulfates and other impurities from alkaline zinc alloy plating solutions.

Published: 8/29/2017

System Converts Standard Pipe into High-Volume Conveyor
Exair Corporation’s aluminum 2½ NPT and 3 NPT threaded Line Vac air-operated conveyors are designed to convert ordinary pipe into a conveying system for parts, scrap, trim and other bulk materials.

Published: 8/28/2017

Testing Patches Measure Contamination on Blast-Cleaned Steel
Paul N. Gardner Co.’s Bresle Patches are latex- and chloride-free testing products designed to measure contamination of water-soluable salts and corrosion on blast-cleaned steel.

Published: 8/23/2017

Automated Pendulum Hardness Tester Produces More Accurate Results
The Elcometer 3045 pendulum hardness tester uses infrared technology to measure coating hardness, providing a fully automated Persoz or König pendulum hardness test without human intervention, ensuring more accurate, repeatable and reproducible...

Published: 8/15/2017

Pocket Tester Measures Water Quality
EcoTestr pocket testers, available from Gardco, feature updates designed to quickly and easily measure water quality.

Published: 7/31/2017

Horizontal Vortex Pump Provides Unrestricted Flow
Vertiflo Pump Co. offers its Series 1600 industrial horizontal vortex sump pump for industrial and municipal applications.

Published: 7/24/2017

Electroless Nickel Plating Improves Performance in Sliding Applications
Nanodiamond material specialist Carbodeon of Finland teams up with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany to develop a NanoDiamond enhanced electroless nickel plating with improved performance in sliding applications.

Published: 7/10/2017

Chemeon Introduces Trivalent Chromate Surface Technologies
Chemeon Surface Technology introduces its TCP-HF RTU (hexavalent-free/ready-to-use) trivalent chromate alongside a novel trivalent colorant.

Published: 7/6/2017

PPG Introduces Lightweight Battery-Powered Aerospace Sealant Dispensing Tool
PPG introduces a battery-powered aerospace sealant dispensing tool that is designed to dispenses at faster rates.