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Plating Q&A: Sulfamate Nickel Plating and Chloride
To add chloride sulfamate nickel plating bath, or not.
Ask an Expert Published: 10/1/2015
Plating Q&A: Can Electroless Nickel Tarnish?
What can we do to minimize tarnishing electroless nickel deposits?
Ask an Expert Published: 9/1/2015
Wood's Nickel Substitute
What are some good substitutes for Wood's nickel strike bath?
Ask an Expert Published: 8/1/2015
Electroless Nickel on Magnesium
How to plate electroless nickel on magnesium.
Ask an Expert Published: 8/1/2015
Nickel Silver
What is nickel silver?
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2015
Welding Problem
Is there electrolytic nickel-plating that is more conducive to welding?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/22/2015
Laws of Attraction
Will magnetism in a steel part affect how an electrolytic nickel strike will deposit nickel on its surface?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2015
Nickel Plate Staining
We electroplate nickel over brass. In the process, we use a soak cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner and anodic sulfuric acid/nitric acid cleaner. All of the parts come out stained.
Ask an Expert Published: 3/1/2015
Welding Problem
Is there electrolytic nickel plating that we can weld without forming pinholes?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/19/2015
Magnetic Rods
Why are nickel-plated rods forming whiskers and spurs on the surface?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/1/2015

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