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Economics of Phosphating
Can you give me an economic analysis of the advantages of phosphate coatings of steel?
Ask an Expert Published: 8/26/2011
Zinc Plating and Crystal Growth Revisited
In the February issue, I answered a question regarding formation of excess crystals in a potassium chloride zinc plating bath. I recently received additional information from one of the plating shops regarding its problem.
Ask an Expert Published: 5/24/2011
Brighteners and Solder Failure
A customer claims that brightener and grain refiner concentrations in a plating bath will affect the solderability of the plated surface.
Ask an Expert Published: 5/24/2011
Where did the Brass Go?
We are new to the process of plating zinc diecasts. The few samples we have prepared so far look great after plating, but after top coating and baking, the brass seems to disappear. What are we doing wrong?
Ask an Expert Published: 5/1/2011
Nickel in a Barrel
Our company does a lot of bright nickel plating. One area that we have problems with is the barrel nickel plating of parts that have somewhat complex geometries. For example, the nickel plating on the inside of some parts becomes dark after drying.
Ask an Expert Published: 5/1/2011
Stripping Silver From Copper and Copper Alloys
How does one go about stripping silver plate from copper and copper alloys?
Ask an Expert Published: 5/1/2011
Shadow Plating
On some of our parts, we see what appears to be a “shadow.” What causes this and how can we prevent this from happening?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/31/2011
Where's the Copper Coming From?
We use a cyanide copper strike bath in a couple of our plating processes. Over time the copper concentration increases in the bath. Why?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011
Dull Zinc Plating
We zinc plate many batches of parts each day. Some of these batches come out dull after the plating and chemical conversion steps. Could this be caused by the base material?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011
Filtration Basics
I need some basic information on filtration in the plating shop. My major concern is sulfate copper and Watts nickel.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011

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