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Plating Blind Holes
How can we plate a blind hole?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2015
What is the best way to agitate our plating baths?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2015
Are You Exporting a Defense Item?
Here is a very basic overview of ITAR and what to consider if your company is doing any business in the aerospace or defense industry.
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2015
Saving Energy and Reducing Noxious Fumes
I am exploring the possibility of using polypropylene balls as thermal insulation in some of our process tanks. Can you share some of your general insights on this practice?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/22/2015
Employment Agreements Protect Proprietary Information
One of our employees has accepted a position with a competitor, and we are worried he is going to disclose some of our processes and pricing. How can we prevent such disclosures?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2015
Pricing Plated Deposits
How can I determine the cost of deposition of zinc over a base material for a quote?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2015
Being Prepared for Immigration and Customs Enforcement 'Raids'
What can employers do to prepare themselves for Immigration and Customs Enforcement "raids?"
Ask an Expert Published: 2/23/2015
Problems with Zinc Anodes
What causes zinc plating bath anodes to polarize?
Ask an Expert Published: 11/1/2014
Fishing for Parts
What are some tips for retrieving parts that fall into plating tanks?
Ask an Expert Published: 9/1/2014
Crystals in the Nickel Tank
A crystalline material has formed in the bottom of the nickel tank after its six-month cleaning. What is it?
Ask an Expert Published: 8/1/2014

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