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Saving Energy and Reducing Noxious Fumes
Can you share your insight on using polypropylene balls as thermal insulation in process tanks?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/19/2015
Water Problems
Does city water require further treatment before being used in electro-plating?
Ask an Expert Published: 6/3/2014
Recycling Metals
Is there a process or commercial equipment to electrodeposit Zn, Ni, Cr, Fe, and remove the heavy metals from the wastewater?
Ask an Expert Published: 5/7/2013
Clean Wastewater Attacking Zinc Plate
We use ion exchange treatment for wastewater from our nickel, hexavalent chrome and zinc plating rinses. What kind of characterization should we do to identify the pollutants that are affecting our products, and what steps are needed to reuse this w...
Ask an Expert Published: 2/21/2013
Reusing Water
We are using ion exchange treatment for wastewater from nickel-chrome and zinc plating. The metal rinses are passed through the ion exchange process to remove the presence of nickel, hex chrome and zinc metal ions. The “clean water” is re-used to ri...
Ask an Expert Published: 3/2/2012
Nickel Dermatitis
I run a captive-nickel plating shop. Is there some type of a test for allergies to nickel—nickel dermatitis—that can be administered prior to hiring an individual for my shop?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/1/2012
Filtration Basics
I need some basic information on filtration in the plating shop. My major concern is sulfate copper and Watts nickel.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011
Zinc Alloy Plating Affecting Wastewater Treatment Sludge
Due to their desire to reduce chromium content of their parts, a number of our customers are asking us to investigate zinc alloy plating of their parts.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/1/2005

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