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EPA to add Two Finishing Facilities to List of "Worst Toxic Sites"
The Seam Master Industries site and the Jervis B. Webb Co. site have elevated levels of trichloroethylene (TCE), commonly used as a solvent for cleaning metal parts,
News Item Published: 9/29/2011
Official says EPA is Updating Policies on Enforcement Penalties of Chemical Rules
Penalty policies to ensure fines consider economic benefits chemical manufacturers reap from violations of the Toxic Substances Control Act.
News Item Published: 9/29/2011
ACC Proposes New System to Prioritize Chemicals for Review
Says comprehensive, scientifically-based prioritization system could be used by EPA to determine which chemicals warrant additional review and assessment.
News Item Published: 9/26/2011
EPA Proposes Use Rule For Glymes
EPA has proposed a significant new use rule (SNUR) for 14 solvents known as "glymes" or glycol diethers.
News Item Published: 8/30/2011
Review begins for new uses of 14 chemicals classified as glymes
Used in a variety of applications including paints and coatings
News Item Published: 7/28/2011
SoCal coaters upset at new VOC rules
CA rules could spread across US
News Item Published: 7/28/2011
Van Nuys plater hit with $100K fine
Crown Chrome Plating fails 2009 inspection
News Item Published: 7/28/2011
EPA Superfund Mandate for Finishing: NASF Efforts Get Reprieve—for Now
Financial assurance mechanisms for potential Superfund liability—which essentially means being able to finance a cleanup—can be very expensive and difficult to obtain for metal finishing operations.
News Item Published: 7/27/2011
NASF Public Policy Report: DEA Regulates the Use of Mixtures with Phosphorus Compounds
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is expected to finalize a proposed rule soon that regulates the use of chemical mixtures containing red phosphorus, white phosphorus, and hypophosphorus acid and its salts.
News Item Published: 2/1/2011
NASF Public Policy Report: Regulatory Focus Switches to Oral Exposures of Hexavalent Chromium
A summary of some recent actions regarding oral exposures of hexavalent chromium.
News Item Published: 1/31/2011

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