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Published: 1/23/2014

Blisters on Zinc Die Casts
What could be causing blisters to form when plating zinc die cast nameplates?

Published: 12/5/2013

Cyanide Zinc on Cast Iron
What would be the correct process for plating zinc on cast iron parts?

Published: 10/24/2013

Blisters on Zinc-Plated Steel
How can we eliminate blistering on steel parts?

Published: 10/3/2013

Zinc-Plated Pipe Fittings
We zinc plate then apply a yellow trivalent chrome conversion coat to pipe fittings. The rack-plated, large-size pipe fittings look great after plating, but a few days later start to show spots of corrosion. Do you have any suggestions for solving t...

Published: 7/24/2013

Black Stains on Zinc-Plated Parts
Our rack alkaline-zinc-plated parts occasionally exhibit black or caustic stains that don’t show up for 24 hours. Can we add anything to our plating solution or rinses to eliminate this condition?

Published: 6/3/2013

Matte Black Zinc Plating
What is the reason for using matte black zinc plating?

Published: 5/22/2013

Zinc Corrosion
We have been experiencing white corrosion (zinc oxide) while our steel components are in storage. All of these assemblies are nitrogen-brazed components and then are subject to clear zinc plating.What do you think is the root of our problems?

Published: 3/19/2013

Correction: Non-Electrolytically Applied Zinc Coat
My response in the February issue regarding General Motors specification GMW 3359 for non-electrolytically applied zinc-rich coatings was incorrect. Here is the correct answer.

Published: 1/29/2013

Non-Electrolytically Applied Zinc Coat
Q. I recently received General Motors specification GMW3359 for non-electrolytically applied zinc-rich coating. Can you give me more information about this process?

Published: 1/2/2013

Tin/Zinc Electroplating
What can you tell me about tin/zinc plating, and what kind of current density is necessary to get a consistent deposit on surfaces?