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Published: 11/1/2016

Powder Coating Clinic: Measuring Film Thickness before Cure
Q. How can I tell if the powder film build is thick enough before I cure the powder coating? We coat a lot of square footage and we need to control our cost. We often put on too much powder to avoid light coating. I need to know what my uncured film...

Published: 11/1/2016

Powder Coating Clinic: Sanding for Repair
Q. We sand aluminum die-cast parts that have minor defects in the powder coating before recoating them. The small areas of dirt, metal blemishes, fibers or similar particles are sanded using 120-grit sandpaper on an orbital sander. After recoating t...

Published: 11/1/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Brass Cleaning
Q. How do I clean brass to be powder coated?

Published: 10/1/2016

Powder Clinic: Powder Versus Galvanizing
Powder Coating or Galvanizing: Which offers the best long-term protection from corrosion?

Published: 10/1/2016

Parts Cleaning Clinic: Zinc Shot Blasting, Zinc Plating Alternatives
David S. Peterson talks zinc shot blasting, zinc plating alternatives, and advantages to reducing the heating of alkaline cleaners.

Published: 8/23/2016

Powder Clinic: Pinholes Mentioned in July Issue
Q. Just read the article in most recent issue of PF about our problem and wanted to respond with what we found out.

Published: 8/23/2016

Powder Clinic: Is Blasting Enough for Preparation?
Q. I am looking into making the switch from liquid to powder coating. I have an experienced powder coater who says all my aluminum and steel parts need is to be blasted, and that should be good enough. But I am finding mixed reviews online. So is th...

Published: 8/1/2016

Powder Clinic: Adhesion of Powder to Brass
Q. I’ve heard from a few vendors that brass presents challenges with adhesion, whereas steel and aluminum do not. What is the reason for this?

Published: 7/1/2016

Powder Clinic: Outdoor Durable Powder
Q. We have a large job that requires protection from sunlight. What kind of powder we should use?

Published: 6/1/2016

Powder Coating Q&A: Micro-Porosity in Cured Coating
When our parts are inspected, there seem to be thousands of very small pin pricks.