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Water Conductivity
What is the effect of water conductivity on the pretreatment process and final powder coating? Will it affect the corrosion resistance and salt spray results?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/31/2011
Correct Coating For Staircase
I am having an old steel spiral staircase removed from a public school and then refinished and installed in my home.
Ask an Expert Published: 2/18/2011
Adhesion on Galvanized Steel
We just took on a new job for some parts that are hot-dipped galvanized and we are having big problems with adhesion failure.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011
Pinholes in Nylon
We are evaluating the use of nylon 6 as a replacement for nylon 11 and 12 powder coatings. In the course of our work we are experiencing a great deal of pinholing on the test panels.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011
Rust on Powder Coated Steel
Is there a remedy at this point that can be used to repair the rusty look? Can the powder coater redo the affected area?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011
Adhesion Failure on Aluminum
We powder coat aluminum bench seats in 6061 and 6063 alloy and structural steel parts on the same line. We have had trouble with periodic adhesion failure on the aluminum parts.
Ask an Expert Published: 1/10/2011
Tractor Cab Coating
I think I am looking at a failure of a powder coating on tractors I am considering purchasing.
Ask an Expert Published: 8/1/2010
E-coat As A Primer For Powder
The spec called for electrocoat as a primer and a powder coating for the top coat. We have liquid and powder coating facilities in our plant, but we will have to send the parts to a contract coater for the E-coat process. Can you tell me why the E-c...
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2009
Pretreatment Before Powder
A customer has just purchased a powder coating plant. The steel is being stored outside and is very rusty prior to powder coating. Please provide recommendations for pre-treatment prior to powder coat.
Ask an Expert Published: 12/1/2008
Cleaning Aluminum Castings
I’d like to know what cleaning problems result in bad powder coating, or what tests we can do to ensure good cleaning.
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2008

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