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Applying Chrome to Aluminum after Coating
How can we protect the powder coat finish in the corners of the aluminum storm doors we manufacture?
Ask an Expert Published: 12/31/2013
Rust on Steel with Clear Powder
What can be done to stop the rust from showing through or remove the rust before powder coating cold-rolled steel metal tubes?
Ask an Expert Published: 12/26/2013
Coating Process Options
What pretreatment process and conversion coating would you recommend for plating and powder coating on fluid-handling tubes, some of which are bent before powder coating and some after?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/21/2013
Rust Prevention
Is our process for pretreatment and powder coating of outdoor enclosures good enough to prevent rust from appearing, and, if so, how long would it last?
Ask an Expert Published: 9/25/2013
Powder Coating Extrusions
Do I have to wait a specific amount of time or complete an additional step after the rinse before I apply powder to aluminum extrusions?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2013
Pretreatment Options
Are you aware of any uncomplicated, user-friendly pretreatments that are compatible with powder coating, will inhibit rust on surfaces with deep inset corrosion and will accelerate beneath the coating after the process is complete?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/16/2013
Powder on Galvaneal
We have customers that want a smooth powder coating on a galvaneal finish. We prep with a light alcohol wipe, prebake the parts to allow for off-gassing, then spray with a smooth powder. We are having problems with “craters” and specs, so the surfac...
Ask an Expert Published: 7/20/2012
Performance Testing
We powder coat thicker gauges of steel (10-gauge to ¼-inch plate), using a blast operation for some of the heavier parts. We want to test the parts to confirm proper pretreatment coating performance before shipment, but we have some problems with im...
Ask an Expert Published: 6/22/2012
Streaks in Coating
We apply a medium-gloss gray powder on our parts at around 3 to 4 mils thickness. Sometimes our operators leave streaks on the parts when they apply the powder, and some areas are darker than others before cure and clearly visible after cure. What i...
Ask an Expert Published: 6/20/2012
Powder Coating Pretreatment
How do you recommend we clean a paraffin wax die lube from a cast aluminum substrate?
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2012

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