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Reducing Cure Time with a Hybrid Oven
Is it possible to decrease the curing time to fewer than 9 min if we change the oven to a hybrid system with combined infrared (IR) and convection heating?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/6/2013
Oven Cost
Please explain how to calculate the heat load capacity of a paint baking oven, using aluminum alloy wheels as an example.
Ask an Expert Published: 11/6/2012
Cracking Edges on MDF
We seem to have problems with thicker medium density fiberboard (MDF) cracking on the edges as it comes out of our ovens, and the cracking occurs down the middle of the edge. I have tried a few things, but nothing has worked too well. Do you have an...
Ask an Expert Published: 5/15/2012
Pops in the Coating
We are having a problem with a large number of fine and very dense pinholes popping up in our powder coating as it cures.
Ask an Expert Published: 2/1/2012
Gas Use
We have been reviewing the costs of operating for our powder coating line and notice that gas is a big part of it. We have two heated stages in our washer, a dry-off oven, a cure oven and a burn-off oven. Can you give us any advice on ways to cut ou...
Ask an Expert Published: 10/25/2011
Brown Spots in Clear-coat
The parts look good coming out of the washer and there are no obvious stains. The clear coat is applied in an automated booth and it looks fine before it is cured, but when it comes out of the oven, there are brown spots in the film that look like d...
Ask an Expert Published: 5/24/2011
Cure Oven Installation Options
What would be the total energy savings of an elevated oven per hour with bottom entry when compared to the floor-mounted oven?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/31/2011
Increased Oven Capacity with Infrared
We are trying to increase capacity in our powder cure oven and we want to know what the impact will be if we change to a hybrid type (IR + convection).
Ask an Expert Published: 3/31/2011
Air Curtain for Cure Oven
We have installed a powder coating system in our factory, and the problem we encountered is that we do not have an air barrier for the openings of the curing oven.
Ask an Expert Published: 2/18/2011
Low-Cure Powder
Is there a powder available that can coat gas spring, curing at 100°C?
Ask an Expert Published: 2/18/2011

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