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Color Change
Are color changes for powder that are under one minute really possible? I spray all manual in one booth, but I have automatic guns in the other one, and we do reclaim some of our colors, but not all of them.
Ask an Expert Published: 4/13/2012
Repair/Rework on Powder
Is there an industry standard with regard to recoating that we can adopt?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/1/2012
Requirements for Coating Aluminum
Q. I wish to powder coat a part that is die cast aluminum used for exterior luminaire housings. My question is can you explain the basic processes prior to coating and do I need to specify a special powder or are all powder coating materials rated f...
Ask an Expert Published: 12/14/2011
Outdoor Finish System
I am the manager of quality control for my company, which manufactures sports and playground equipment. One of our product lines is basketball equipment—pole, backboard and hoop—that is used outdoors. Presently, we powder coat the equipment, but we ...
Ask an Expert Published: 11/23/2011
Metal Preparation of Steel
We are planning to powder coat the part with a TGIC polyester, but we do not have a system yet. Will it be acceptable to blast the surface and not add any chemical pretreatment? Do I need a primer coat under the TGIC polyester?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/25/2011
Powder Material Utilization
We do recover some powder, and other colors are low volume, so we do not bother to recover them for reuse. But we are still throwing away a lot of material every year. Any suggestions on how we can get more value out of our powder?
Ask an Expert Published: 9/23/2011
Value of Powder Environmental Room
For several years we have operated our powder system without a room to enclose the booths and application process. It has worked out OK, but we need to make some adjustment for different humidity conditions. Is the cost of adding the room is justifi...
Ask an Expert Published: 8/26/2011
Powder Adhesion on Cast Iron
We are planning to apply powder coating over cast iron drains that will be cemented into the floor. We have used epoxy liquid paint for this application, but we are interested in switching to epoxy powder. Will the powder adhere to the cast iron mat...
Ask an Expert Published: 8/26/2011
Brown Spots in Clear-coat
The parts look good coming out of the washer and there are no obvious stains. The clear coat is applied in an automated booth and it looks fine before it is cured, but when it comes out of the oven, there are brown spots in the film that look like d...
Ask an Expert Published: 5/24/2011
Water Spots in Powder-Coated Film
Some of our parts show water spots through the coating after it is cured. You can see the outline of the spot through the film, especially with some of the lighter colors.
Ask an Expert Published: 5/24/2011

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