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Powder Clinic: Containment Air Velocity
Q. What is the correct containment air velocity in a powder booth?
Ask an Expert Published: 8/23/2016
Powder Clinic: Pinholes Mentioned in July Issue
Q. Just read the article in most recent issue of PF about our problem and wanted to respond with what we found out.
Ask an Expert Published: 8/23/2016
Powder Clinic: Is Blasting Enough for Preparation?
Q. I am looking into making the switch from liquid to powder coating. I have an experienced powder coater who says all my aluminum and steel parts need is to be blasted, and that should be good enough. But I am finding mixed reviews online. So is th...
Ask an Expert Published: 8/23/2016
Powder Clinic: Adhesion of Powder to Brass
Q. I’ve heard from a few vendors that brass presents challenges with adhesion, whereas steel and aluminum do not. What is the reason for this?
Ask an Expert Published: 8/1/2016
Powder Clinic: Outdoor Durable Powder
Q. We have a large job that requires protection from sunlight. What kind of powder we should use?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2016
Powder Coating Q&A: Micro-Porosity in Cured Coating
When our parts are inspected, there seem to be thousands of very small pin pricks.
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2016
Powder Coating Q&A: Requirements for Breathing PPE in a Powder Operation
What kind of breathing protection is required for compliance with health and safety standards?
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2016
How to Remove Old Powder from Parts
If a part is already powder coated, how is the powder coat stripped before e-coating, if not by shot blasting? Does it need to go through an oven? Dip in a tank?
Ask an Expert Published: 9/23/2011
Compare Coating Scrap Rates
Is there an industry standard for acceptable scrap/fallout when coating parts with powder over various manufactured metal parts (I’m specifically interested in zinc versus aluminum and steel) and how does it compare to liquid paint?
Ask an Expert Published: 3/31/2011
Rust on Powder Coated Steel
Is there a remedy at this point that can be used to repair the rusty look? Can the powder coater redo the affected area?
Ask an Expert Published: 1/11/2011

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