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Replacing Nickel with Tri-Metal in Electronics Plating
Tri-metal—or white bronze—is becoming an increasingly popular topic and can be used as a replacement for using nickel in plating applications.
Ask an Expert Published: 10/1/2016
Plating Clinic: Non-Dyed Versus Dyed Acid Copper
Q. What is the difference between non-dyed vs. dyed acid copper technologies?
Ask an Expert Published: 8/1/2016
Plating Clinic: Cleaner Bath Life
Q. My cleaners are not lasting nearly as long as they should. What can I do to lengthen the life of my cleaner bath?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2016
Plating Q&A: Reduced Brightness and Thickness
Why aren't our parts as bright as they were before plating?
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2016
Plating Q&A: Where Does My Silver Go?
Where does 10 percent of the silver we use go?
Ask an Expert Published: 9/1/2015
Discolored Gold Plate
Why does gold plating stain after a month of use?
Ask an Expert Published: 7/1/2015
Nickel Silver
What is nickel silver?
Ask an Expert Published: 6/1/2015
Bronze Plating Basics
What are the components of bronze? Can you electroplate base materials with bronze?
Ask an Expert Published: 4/1/2015
What are some of the various causes for discoloring in gold plate?
What are some of the various causes for discoloring in gold plate?
Ask an Expert Published: 10/1/2014
Gold Pitting Problem
How can we solve problems with pitting and haze on our hard gold deposit?
Ask an Expert Published: 5/29/2014

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