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Published: 1/19/2015

Sulfuric Acid Anodizing Bath Makeup
Can you explain the ratio of acid in the anodizing bath and whether it is calculated by volume or by weight?

Published: 11/1/2014

Sealing with Distilled Water
Can distilled water be substituted for deionized water?

Published: 7/1/2014

Zinc Anodizing
What is zinc anodizing?

Published: 5/8/2014

Adhesion of Applied Organic Coatings
Our expert addresses an amalgamation of many different questions from folks who are baffled and frustrated by this adhesion problem on their anodized parts.

Published: 4/29/2013

Sealing Parts After Two Months
Is it possible and practical to seal hardcoat anodized (Type III) parts that have been in storage for about two months?

Published: 1/28/2013

Critical Holes Out of Tolerance
The aerospace detail parts we send out for anodizing are often coated with a chemical film (Alodine) to aid in the application of masking. When the Alodine is dissolved before anodizing, the precise diameters of holes are often eroded oversize, whic...

Published: 10/24/2012

Anodizing: Current Density vs. Voltage
Can you detail the procedure for anodizing using the current density method? What are the quality advantages for us to completely change our processing technique?

Published: 8/6/2012

Titrating Sulfuric Acid Anodizing Baths
Do you have a recommended analytical method to determine the sulfuric and aluminum concentrations in sulfuric anodizing solutions?

Published: 5/1/2012

Alkaline Etching
What should be the maximum aluminum content in alkaline etching to avoid galvanized appearance (also known as spangling) in anodized (type II, natural, 10u) 6063 T6 extrusions? Do you think complexed aluminum helps to attain micrograin matte finishe...

Published: 2/1/2012

Is it Anodized or Not?
What would be the best way to indicate whether or not an aluminum part has been electro-polished and anodized?