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2020 Vision: Vacuum Coatings
Across all industries – medical device, automotive, electronics, military and aerospace ‑ electronic components are becoming smaller in size, but more complex in application capabilities.
Article Published: 5/18/2011
An Overview of Hard Chromium Plating Using Trivalent Chromium Solutions
For more than forty years, academic and industrial researchers from all over the world have taken a strong interest in alternative processes for hard chromium plating using hexavalent ions. The benefits of substitute processes are obvious, as the t...
Article Published: 1/31/2011
PVD + UV Paint = New Business
Automation, other technologies boost finisher
Article Published: 8/1/2009
Ramping Up PVD
Big chamber to advance physical vapor deposition applications
Article Published: 5/1/2008
Re-Thinking Precision Cleaning of Tools Prior to Coating for Increased Throughput and Superior Adhesion
In the cutting tool world, an appropriately coated tool can allow increased feed of product and speed of cutting up to 50 percent, and can increase tool life up to 10 times. At HTL, the new Miraclean cleaning line has eliminated manual scrubbing lab...
Article Published: 9/1/2007
Reinventing Chrome Coatings
Low-temperature arc vapor deposition can provide an alternative to hexavalent chromium plating.
Article Published: 12/1/2005
Transforming Aerospace Metal Finishing Processes
Replacement technologies and improved conventional wet processes move forward in a challenging marketplace.
Article Published: 12/1/2005
What to do about Hard Chromium
EPA and OSHA are placing heavy restrictions on hard chromium plating. Here are some options available to platers...  
Article Published: 2/1/2005
Reproducible Decorative PVD Coatings
Anytime and anywhere, PVD coatings on brass, zinc, stainless steel and ABS plastic can be reproduced...
Article Published: 9/1/2003
Tooling Up a Tough Thin Film
These thin-film coatings applied using PVD and CVD processes are tougher and longer lasting than your average tool coating…
Article Published: 9/1/2002

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