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Published: 4/1/2002

The EN Plating Edge
Electrochemical Finishing experimented with several electroless nickel baths until it found one that produced maximum brightness even after 12 turnovers…

Published: 5/1/2001

New Plastics Plating Technology for 100-Year-Old Company
When Hansgrohe installed a plastics plating line, it tried to work with the newest and most advanced chemistry on the market; however, it found it couldn't simply take something off-the-shelf and start running. It had to be tailored to its speci...

Published: 11/1/2000

Vacuum Deposition of Selenium
Question: We vacuum deposit selenium on 3003 and 6063 aluminum alloy drums for copy machines.

Published: 1/1/2000

PVD Protects and Beautifies
Protection against the elements and everyday wear and tear in a range of colors...

Published: 5/1/1998

New Technology for Automotive Trim
Automotive trim is plated using a different method...

Published: 4/1/1997

Developments in Aluminum Wheel Plating
Plating aluminum wheels as well as getting the "look" of aluminum has changed...

Published: 10/1/1996

Vacuum Coating: A Clean Technology
Vapor Technologies has developed a coating application process that produces corrosion and wear-resistant coatings with a highly decorative appearance, without generating hazardous waste...

Published: 9/1/1996

Special Processing of Large and Small Aerospace Parts
Large and small chromium-plated parts need special processing and inspection...

Published: 10/1/1995

Ion-Vapor-Deposited Coatings for Improved Corrosion Protection
Applying highly-adherent aluminum coatings onto metals is recognized as a replacement for cadmium...