Color change options
Color change is a critical issue most companies must address when looking at a powder system. There is no magic potion for color change as it can vary from seconds to over an hour, and the time it takes generally depends on many factors:

  • Type of booth, manual or automatic system
  • Number of booths
  • Spray-to-waste
  • Type of recovery system, cyclone separator or cartridge booth
  • Type of booth canopy
  • Type of powder gun
  • Number of powder guns
  • How many people will do the color change
  • What color(s) are you using
  • How well trained are the operators
  • What level of quality is needed

Current technology eliminates the need for additional powder booths and color modules for each color sprayed. This saves floor space, energy and capital investment, and provides the flexibility to spray any color without purchasing new equipment. Current technology also provides for color changes in as little as 5 to 10 minutes with powder reclaim systems and 20 seconds in non-reclaim systems.

To determine the right color change option for you, it’s important to consider the real cost of downtime.

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