Manual VS Automated

Manual Guns and Controls - Manual guns and controls imply just that - a manual gun with a controller that, at a minimum, control voltage to the gun and air to the powder pump. The manual gun and controller are operator controlled. Some manual gun and controller combinations are stationary and use some sort of receptacle - whether a fluidized hopper or the same box that the powder is packaged in to deliver the powder from. Some systems are portable on wheels and either feed from a powder box or a fluidized hopper. Learn more about today’s best manual guns (pdf)

Automatic Guns and Controls - Automatic guns and controls typically implies one or more automatic guns controlled by single controller or a rack of individual controllers for each gun. As with the manual guns and controls, the controller controls voltage to the gun and conveyance air to the powder pump at a minimum. More sophisticated automatic gun controls may also include recipes or presets that can be user configured for example by part or color. They may also include automatic triggering to turn the guns on and off - for example if no part is present or if a tall part is followed by a shorter part requiring a defined set of guns to be turned off - assuming a common top datum of course. Learn more about today’s most innovative manual guns (pdf)

Choose the right controls for your operation (pdf)

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