Compressed air is the main power source in powder coating systems. Traditionally, powder coating systems have relied on venturi-style gun pumps that propel powder to the spray guns by movement of high velocity air. The high velocity can mix powder and air and lead to powder blowback and overspray, reducing transfer efficiency.

The adoption of dense-phase technology is a recent application innovation that has improved transfer efficiency. Dense-phase is a reference to the dense powder in the transport tubes. This technology provides a way for powder finishers to increase productivity and reduce material and operating costs by improving dispensing, powder transport and powder circulation.

Nordson uses the term HDLV® (High-Density powder, Low-Velocity air) (pdf) to describe the technology. HDLV technology focuses on dense phase powder transport with closed-loop digital flow technology. Moving more powder with less air results in higher transfer efficiency compared to conventional venturi-style pumps. Using less compressed air to propel powder to the gun means less overspray, more powder on the part, and greater powder material savings.

 With HDLV technology, powder coating systems can achieve more than 70 percent first-pass transfer efficiency. This provides excellent powder coverage for even difficult parts, while dramatically cutting down on the amount of powder used — and wasted – in non-reclaim systems.

Colors can also be changed on the fly with nearly instantaneous agility.

Learn more about color change with HDLV (pdf)

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